Exploring The Disney Wilderness Lodge
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Wilderness Lodge is a Walt Disney World Deluxe Resort inspired by the Pacific Northwest and United States National Parks. Room photographs, restaurant information, data on facilities, if it’s worth the money, and whether it’ll work well for your trip are all included in this hotel review.

What Is The Disney Wilderness Lodge All About?

Wilderness Lodge is currently operational as part of Walt Disney World’s gradual restoration. We’ll be staying at the resort for the inaugural weekend and will report back on the new accommodations, restaurants, and other amenities as soon as possible. For the time being, the only thing you need to know is that the hotel rooms have reopened nearly a year after the Copper Creek and Boulder Ridge Villas reopened to DVC members and other visitors. Only a few hotels are still closed–for more information, visit Walt Disney World Resort Reopening Dates for 2021.

Location Of Disney Wilderness Lodge

Because of the physical separation, capacity at the pools, aboard buses, and boats, and inside restaurants is restricted, which can result in lengthier waits and queues. However, because the Disney Vacation Club wings of Disney Wilderness Lodge have been open for over a year, there isn’t much at the resort that is still closed for the time being. The majority of shopping, eating, and recreational opportunities are available. At this moment, the only part of Artist Point that is still closed is the Storybook Character Dining.

Why Should You Stay At Disney Wilderness Lodge?

Most people who stay at the Disney Wilderness Lodge fall in love with it the first time we came here for Christmas and have since returned for numerous more Christmas visits–as well as stays at other times of the year. See Wilderness Lodge: Walt Disney World’s Best Place at Christmas for more gushing about the holiday season. We won’t dwell on it too much in this review because you might be interested in staying at Wilderness Lodge during the other ten months of the year.

We nearly always consider Wilderness Lodge when scheduling a vacation because it is one of the more affordable Deluxe resorts, has a wonderful location, and has quite possibly the greatest design and concept of all of the Walt Disney World hotels. If you are interested in securing a similar experience, you can think about going ahead with Disney VIP Tours and Orlando VIP Tours.

What Makes The Disney Wilderness Lodge Great?

Wilderness Lodge is one of Walt Disney World’s strongest hotels in terms of theme. Its inspiration is a mash-up of Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful Inn and Yosemite National Park’s Ahwahnee Hotel, with plenty of artistic license applied to ensure that the end product isn’t just a mash-up of those two renowned lodges, but rather something fresh and different.

The grandiosity of Wilderness Lodge’s lobby and its wow-inducing look are unique to Disney; therefore this was a smart strategy. Similar features may be seen in the various National Park Lodges where we’ve stayed, but they’re more personal. None of them compared to Wilderness Lodge’s enormous scope and polish.

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