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If you associate all your childhood memories with the Happiest Place On Earth, and want your kids to feel the same way about Disney, it’s time to plan a family vacation! Get ready for a memorable trip that will be filled with joy, magic, and little bit of your very own fairy tale.

Traveling with kids is tricky business, though, so here are a few tips that can help you out.

Carry a change of clothes

Kids are clumsy; one minute, you see them having fun in perfectly clean clothes, and the next, they have dirt all over them. It’s likely your kids will drop snacks on their clothes while at Disney, fall down more than once, or spill juice on themselves. Pack a pair of spare clothes that you can keep in your essentials bag; because who can predict anything with kids?

Rent a locker for your stuff

Kids keep you on your toes; you never know what they’ll need all of a sudden. If you already have multiple bags for essential items and don’t want extra luggage weighing you down, rent a locker. Place the items you don’t require urgently in it, such as merchandise and gifts you bought to take home.

Bring a stroller or be prepared to carry your kids

Disney is all about meeting your favorite characters, which means that there’s going to be a lot of walking. Your kid’s tiny feet might not be able to keep up with the long distances and will eventually get tired. Pack a stroller with you so you and your partner can take turns pushing your kids around.

Pack a backpack for essential items

If you’re visiting the park during the summer, it’s warm in the day, but the wind starts picking up by the time the sun goes down. Carry a backpack with sweat pants, extra t-shirts, and jackets to keep the kids warm. You don’t want them to come homesick after a vacation at the Happiest Place On Earth.

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