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Disney parks like to introduce new rides every few years. And a cool one is coming soon…

With the upcoming 2021 expansion, we’re getting a Guardians of Galaxy rollercoaster!

This’ll be an excellent incentive to visit (or revisit) Orlando’s Disney World. Because why miss the chance to try this attraction!?


Wait – 2021?

Yes. It’ll be two years before construction is finished.

For some, this might seem like a long period of time. But it really isn’t, considering that the Walt Disney Company is managing other expansions too!

For example, we’re getting Star Wars Land later this year. And we’re getting TRON and Ratatouille rides by 2021!


First – Quick Summary.

For the past few years, Disney has been trying to upgrade the EPCOT Park.

A few of expansions are on the way to make that a reality. And one of them is the new Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster.

In fact – you’ll notice that Disney has announced plans to revive old shows/series into memorable rides.



We think it’s a way of marketing to older generations.

Disney is a family-centric business. That is, it’s not designing its parks just for children to enjoy it. The park needs to accommodate adults too!

And this means the rides should involve decades-old nostalgia.

EPCOT’s new rollercoaster expansion seems to add to that. It’s a place you can enjoy, no matter what your age is!

But let’s focus more on the ride…


The Rollercoaster’s Focus.

Many of Disney’s roller coaster focus more on speed and scenery. But this one’s different…

Disney officials intend to make this ride a “motion through the timeline” of Guardians of the Galaxy.

That is, the rollercoaster tells you the series story as you move through the ride!


Excellent News for Fans.

Because why wouldn’t you want to enjoy high speed nostalgia?

You’ll get an exciting ride. And while you’re at it, you get a flashback into a storyline you’ve followed for years!


Storytelling Ride.

Disney plans to design the entire scenery around the ride for storytelling.

If you’re riding this rollercoaster, expect to enjoy full immersion. So you’re not getting storytelling through a cheap screen on your ride.

You’re getting it everywhere around you!


But That’s a 2-Year Wait…

No worries. A two year wait is little time, considering how large Disney park expansions tend to be.

And remember, by 2021, you’re not just getting one new attraction. You’re getting multiples, and this is one of them!

Of course, this is in addition to the already available attractions to enjoy.


As You Can See…

Disney park visits might start to get complex – and they’re already complex enough.

It’s a place you need to research before booking a visit. And for the research, you need an expert’s help…

Because you’re not just visiting one attraction. You’re visiting multiples!

For assistance, simply contact us. We’ll help you plan a memorable VIP tour to Disney’s upcoming expansions.

At Five Star Private VIP Tours, your visit will be unforgettable!

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