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Before the invention of the helicopter or the airplane, hot air balloons were the only way of air travel in the world, and they provided a view of the world that had never been seen before, they had a very specific way of traveling and they depended more on the airspeed than anything else. And even after the invention of planes and such, hot air balloons stayed because of their ability to provide stunning views of the world without moving from one place to another quite so quickly.

Hot air balloons provided their users with peace, quiet and a view to remember for all times. Today hot air balloons are not used for transport at all, rather hot air balloons are used all over the world for their ability to provide some of the best views in the world. Today we are going to be talking about a similar hot air balloon at Disneyland Orlando, so without any further waiting let’s get started.


Orlando Balloon Rides

Orlando balloon rides have been around 1985 and they provide a bird’s eye view of the entire Florida landscape, the balloon rides run 365 days a year and provide a stunning experience of what makes the entire Florida landscape so special, these include orange groves, theme parks, and swamp forests and so much more.

Orlando balloon rides all start at sunrise because the weather is perfect at that time and allows the beauty of Florida to shine through. These balloon rides last around an hour each so that you can fully immerse in the natural beauty that those rides have to offer. During the trip the balloons can go up to a thousand feet above the surface, now these rides are not for those that have Acrophobia or fear of heights, but for everyone else, this is an adventure of a lifetime.

There are other balloon rides in the Florida state but none of them are as old and experienced as balloon rides Florida. They have an arsenal of balloons at their disposable, and if you are booked for sunrise, you will be able to see their entire fleet of hot air balloons, which is an out of the world experience in itself.


What To Wear On A Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Hot air balloon provides you an out of the world experience putting you face to face with the element itself, considering that, you should always wear warmer clothes with multiple layers so that you can stay comfortable during your ride, another thing that most people don’t consider is that you should always wear darker clothes as they don’t blend in with the surrounding and disappear in those background brightness.


My Five-Star Tours

My five-star tours is a company that is dedicated to making your vacations the best possible and we go above and beyond to make sure that your vacations are the best that they can be, recently we have added hot air balloons to our list of activities to make sure that your vacations are the best possible.

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