How much does it cost to travel to Orlando
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Planning a perfect family vacation to Orlando city? As a matter of fact don’t be surprised by the price tag you see. Orlando is a place full with pricey themed parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios or Gatorland. So to help you with your budget management we researched every characteristic of such trip. Which will aid you in cut down cost and to take full enjoyment out of it.


Average Costing:

Thinking of traveling to Orlando? How much money will you need? According to some surveys based on other visitors the average daily spending is around $250 on vacations in Orlando.

Tourist on average spends around $50 for transportation and $40-60 on meals. While the average hotel price for couple ranges between $200 to $250. So in total one Orlando trip for couple will cost around $3,400 approximately. To help you plan your own travel budget all of these average travel prices have been collected.

A one week vacation to Orlando for one person usually costs around $1,682. So, naturally two people trip to Orlando for a week will costs around $3,365. A two weeks trip for two people in Orlando will costs around $6,729.

Travelling as a family of three or four people sometimes helps in cut down cost as hotel rooms can be shared and kid’s fee are usually discounted. Traveling slow and for a long journey will bring your daily budget down due to more stops and other increasing of on-the-go necessities. In Orlando If two people are traveling together for a month, they will be having a lower daily budget rather than a person who is traveling alone for one week.


How much money do I need to travel in Orlando?

The cost of a taxi ride in Orlando is significantly more than public transportation. On average, past travelers have spent $48 per person, per day, on local transportation in Orlando. It is possible to get cheaper deals when travelling with a family of say four with a round trip costing only $120. For a single person it would be much cheaper to take a shuttle service where round trips go for around $36 for adults and $27 for children. The cheapest option would be Orlando’s Lynx bus system at $2 a pop but it’s not an ideal solution even with its dirt cheap prices as one usually travels with a lot of luggage and would have to transfer buses quite a few times plus these don’t even go to Disney! If one is looking out


Typical tour prices for Orlando

As the world’s largest theme park hub, there are a variety of theme park and sightseeing tours available to satiate anyone’s thirst for a fun-filled vacation. 4-day theme park tours start at $269 with additional perks such as 5% off on group discounts and airport transfer. Theme park tours go as high as $1199 for a 9-day tour with tours to 7 different theme parks of your choice. One day tours are also available, such as the Titanic: Artifact Exhibition for $23.38 or the more extravagant 1-day Kennedy Space Center for $ 119.


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