Disney Escape Room
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We all have played the escape rooms game at some point in our lives. And I am sure we love everything about them, they bring out the inner Sherlock in us and give us a sense of being smart. Not only that but cracking the codes can be extremely fun! Now, for a brief moment, imagine if you could get to do that in real life! (But for fun, of course, you wouldn’t like the idea of being ACTUALLY trapped, would you?)

How is Disney Escape Room

It would be like reliving a video game in real life. I am pretty sure that most of us have envisaged the idea of living in our favorite video games. And if your favorite game is an escape room game, then you are in luck!

Disney has made this dream a reality by constructing a real-life escape room game. What will happen is that you will be locked in a group with a group of people. The main goal you have to accomplish is to work together and find clues and tips that lead you towards solving the puzzles.

When you solve the puzzles, you will manage to find elements that will help you escape the room you are in within a certain time frame. This experience will be part theater, part game. Not only that, but it will also help you exercise your team building skill.

Disney Room Over With Years

The growth of this game has seen a huge explosion in the last few years. And Disney has come up with ways to make this game even more interesting. The groups are divided into small teams and placed into themed rooms, to begin with, the process of escaping. When these teams arrive, they are greeted by four characters that explain them the basic rules of the game.

The theme of the rooms is antique, i.e., the participants will feel as if they are traveling back in time to solve puzzles. In the first room, they will be locked inside a captain’s quarter, in a pirate ship, that is full of navigation maps, old tools, coins, and valuable gems.

The team is supposed to work through the rules and find clues that guide them towards the completion of this stage. The team has to work together if they truly want to escape their (temporary) prison. They will not be done after they escape the first room. After they get out of the first one, they will find themselves in another room that belongs to a mad scientist and appears like a science lab.

This room will be full of creepy experiments and hidden traps. The team will have to solve the cunning challenges thrown at them in order to win this game. Even though these events are themed, they can always be customized by the group according to their needs. The group can tailor the room to fancy their message, objective, or theme.


The fun part about this room is that it is transportable, which means it can e installed at any theme part or Disney convention, and it will be up and running in no time!

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