Kennedy Space Center Private VIP Tours

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see all the details behind NASA’s top operations? You now have the option to experience just that when booking with Five Star Private VIP Tours!

Some of the exact details of space are unknown, and no one can explain the more advanced topics with you. But we got you! You will now have elite access to historic launch sites and other extraordinary facilities as part of the adventure.

Below is a list of exploration options you have when arriving to the Kennedy Space Center.

These are the various Mission Zones:

Heroes and Legends

Discover what a hero really means through a series of NASA’s true stories of space pioneers. This site features the Astronaut’s Hall of Fame.

This attraction also includes walking among literal titans in the Rocket Garden, and admiring the extraordinary engineering that helped people essentially defy gravity!

This experience also involves a 3D movie screen, diverse space relics in shuttle-style pods, and other elements. The sense of heroism and the impressive feats of engineering can almost be touched.

Behind the Gates

Here you’ll be able to grab many great photos and views of NASA’s spaceflight operations. This is a wonderful opportunity to see NASA the way very few people ever have. The young ones will be delighted to see the hundreds of widgets and levers that make the space shuttles fly.

You will have a personal tour guide, who can tell you the story of this official historical museum. You will have the opportunity to view various museum houses. Visitors can trace the story of space travel from beginning to end.

You will also have the option of purchasing gifts and souvenirs at a shop that will be available. You can be the talk of the town with space food, a NASA t-shirt, or a model of the space shuttle.

Bottom line, if you are into history and science, this is the perfect stop for you.

Race to the Moon

Many moments throughout our history brought our country and culture together. A big event in our history is the Apollo Moon landings. You can ask many people where they were when they heard when man first went to the moon, and they will be able to tell you exactly what they were doing.

In this zone, you will have the ability to experience the Apollo Moon Landing from the very beginning of its project, up until this very day. The evolution of the Saturn V was a miracle of human engineering, and you can trace this marvel of science the whole way.

Attractions in this zone include exploring the moon, Apollo 8 and the Firing Room, the Lunar Theatre, the Apollo Treasures Gallery, and Saturn V Rocket.

In this zone you will feel and see what a real rocket looks like! There are very few places where people can reach out and touch something like this.
private vip tour kennedy space center

Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other

Here you will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience on the Space Shuttle Atlantis, the official home of the orbiter. You will be able to explore shuttle missions that allowed important feats in science and engineering, such as the Hubble Telescope and the International Space Station, to come to life.

You may also learn how to dock and activate the shuttle with educating simulators. You can even explore the legacy of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program.

This zone includes the Hubble Space Telescope Theater, the Astronaut Training Simulators, and the official Shuttle Launch Experience.


Submerge yourself in science. Here, you can see the current missions to the International Space Station (ISS) up close and personal. If you want to see the future of space travel, you can get an inside look at the future assignments to explore the depths of space.

You will be able to officially watch Earth like an astronaut in 3D clips at IMAX Theater and travel to the Red Planet on the Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted.

If you are curious about NASA’s future explorations and projects in space, this one’s for you!

Areas in this zone include Mars Rover Concept Vehicle, Eyes On the Universe: NASA’s Space Telescope 3D, Mission Status Briefing, and Science on a Sphere.

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