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So you’re headed to Busch Gardens, Tampa for a day trip? Great choice! Busch Gardens is a wonderful mix of wild rides, animal encounters and exotic shows all condensed into a lively theme park. But there’s one problem.

There’s so much to do and see, but so little time! Most people stick around for two or three days to experience all the cool things at the Garden but if you’re short on time then we’ve got some tips are tricks outlined for you!

1. Arrive early

This one is self explantory. Dodge the crowds and reach the venue as early as possible. Most crowds begin to form after 2pm so you’ll be able to access many attractions hassle-free.

2. Pack light

First time visitors tend to make the mistake of packing lots of stuff with them. They’re then forced to drag their duffel bags across the entire expanse of the theme park—if they’re able to move around that much with the heavy baggage. You’ll most likely not need a bag with you and if you bring one, you’ll be wasting time going from one locker to another.

3. Book a VIP tour

Maximize your time at Busch Gardens, Tampa with a private VIP tour assistant leading the way. They’ll help you with your admission tickets, hourly itinerary and reduce your wait times at all popular attractions! By far the most reliable way to ensure you have a stree-free journey to and from the theme park.

4. Prioritize the animal visits  

Certain animal species will be in a better mood in the cool morning breeze. Plus, with fewer people around, you’ll be able to take your time interacting with the animals. If you’re short on time, do give the Serengeti Express Train a try. The safari trip will give you a glimpse of all the animals in the area.

5. Visit the intense rides first

Home to near 15 thrilling world-class rides, no trip to Busch Gardens is complete without them. Now most of these wild rides are spread across the theme park so you’ll have to priortize accordingly. One techqniue is to pick the rides at the end of the park first since most people are still loitering around the ones at the entrance. Another thing you can do is to hit the queues near lunch or dinner time—that’s when most people disperse for some food.

Short trips to Busch Gardens don’t have to be haphazard and rushed to the point where you don’t even remember what you did there. With a private VIP tour, you can maximize your time experiencing the funnest rides and visiting the coolest attractions. All this with minimal wait times! Now that’s an offer you don’t want to miss out on.

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