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The magical world of Disney is surely the happiest place on Earth. But with over 40 million annual visitors and tens of thousands of acres of park ground to cover, it can get very overwhelming as you try to make your way through the crowds and queues.

The right planning and strategy, however, can make your Disney experience as exciting as you’d for.

Don’t worry yet, as a professional VIP and private tour service company, this is our forte. We’ve compiled our top tips to help you navigate through Disney and make the most of your trip!

Research and Pick Out Your Must-Sees

Check the internet to see which rides interest you the most, or which parades and firework shows you absolutely can’t miss. Take a note of the timings and locations you need to be at to enhance your experience. This way, you’d know exactly how to spend your time at Disney without feeling too lost and missing out on the attractions that interest you the most.

Use FastPasses Smartly

Available to all Disney visitors for no additional cost, the FastPass system gives you a return ticket for a ride through which you can go back to the ride through an alternative entrance with a shorter line. There are, however, two things that you should keep in consideration while using the FastPass.

Disney World First, you can only get a FastPass once every two hours, all over the park. Secondly, the more popular rides have limited FastPasses available per day. Be strategic about which rides you want to get a FastPass for, and head over super early to the more popular ones that interest you to get a FastPass for that first.


Think ahead and pick out the rides you feel you absolutely MUST try, and see which ones you could get a FastPass for. Consider the time you have versus the number of rides you want to go on and how long you’d have to wait for them.

Add In Some Weekdays

Disney is unsurprisingly more crowded on holidays and weekends. Try to add in some weekdays during your trip to enjoy a comparatively more relaxed time at the park. Disney VIP Tours - Magic Kingdom

Use Your Smartphones to Help You Navigate

There are several apps available for download on your smartphone which are constantly updated to provide waiting times and FastPass return times, so you can plan your day and route around Disney accordingly.

Plan Your Dinner In Advance

It is possible to make reservations at restaurants in Disney up to six months in advance. Make good use of that policy and make your dinner plans as soon as you can. This will guarantee you the best dinner experiences that will add to your incredible Disney experience, and save you a whole lot of time and energy trying to find space at a restaurant when you’re exhausted from all the fun. Dinner Food

Book A VIP Tour with Five Stars VIP Tours

The best way to make sure you’ve had the most incredible trip to Disney is by booking a private VIP tour with us at Five Star Private VIP Tours.

Our expert guides know Disney World Orlando inside out and make sure you spend minimal time waiting in queues, are at the right place at the right time, and secure the best seats for all the fireworks, shows and parades.

Also, avail incredible benefits such as luxury transport to and from Disney World, choose packages which include free lunch so you don’t have to worry about meals and make sure every moment of your happiness is captured by our professional photographers.

Book a private VIP tour and make the most of your trip to Disney World!

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