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Though amusement parks are just that; amusing, navigating them can be a little tricky. This is especially so with larger amusement parks with multiple conjoined grounds and an array of attractions each as exciting as the next.

As a first or even second or third time visitor, it is easy to get lost, overwhelmed and end up missing out on things you might have wanted to experience. When it comes to Orlando, two of the largest amusement parks include Disney World and Universal Studios.

Luckily, as a professional VIP and private tour service company we have adequate experience navigating both ensuring our clients have the best time possible when visiting Orlando. We’re going to share some of what we’ve learned about navigating Universal Studios specifically over the course of this blog.

Quick Tips and Pointers

We’re going to start with a few quick tips and pointers covering everything from ticketing to logistics. Hope you find this useful! Universal Studios Orlando VIP Tours

Early Admission

If you’re planning to stay at one of the hotels within the park or if you are visiting with a VIP guide/tour service, you could avail the parks early admission option. What this allows is for you to enter and explore the entire expanse of the place a whole hour before anyone else gets there. Worth looking into!

Express Passes

You will automatically receive these with any VIP tour package; however, they may also be purchased. Express passes allow you to skip on the long lines as you can access the express lines. Unlimited express passes allow you to do this over and over on your favorite rides. Remember, queue times can run up to over an hour in even the express lines if you do not know where to be, when to be, especially in peak season.  In short, express passes do not guarantee minimal wait times, considering these passes are available to all guests.

Lockers and Child Swap

Many of the rides, especially the more intense ones allow you to store belongings that might go flying off your person in lockers. Though tiny, these are useful. You get the first hour sans any cost but need to top up your payments if you exceed the limit.

Further, many rides also have stations where parents, guardians and partners can swap child duties and take turns on the rides and attractions that might not be suited to younger visitors without the burden of waiting in line again.

Winding Down

These are just a few specifics that should help you navigate your trip to universal studios and get more out of it that you might normally. Of course, if you’re really looking for the complete, filling and fail safe Universal Studio Orlando visit experience, then book with us and let us do all the hard work. All you’ll have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the sights, sounds and experiences of this wonderful amusement park!

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