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For those visiting Orlando Florida, there is no dearth of attractions and places to visit. This is also the reason why, oftentimes, tourists that come by for holidays get swept up in all the activity and miss out on a worthwhile visit or two!


As a company that has been putting together private VIP tours to places like Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando among others, we know a thing or two about places worth visiting!  Even better, we’re going to share some of these sometimes less publicized, but equally worthwhile Orlando attractions!

Places You Must See if You Visit

We’ve listed below a few of the places apart from those mentioned above that you must visit on your trip to Orlando Florida. Here they are! Attractions-in-Orlando-Florida

Kennedy Space Center Orlando

The first on our list of places you must visit during your trip to Orlando is the Kennedy Space Center. Located at roughly an hour’s distance from the main city, this facility is worth visiting by day tourists and serious space enthusiasts alike.

The rocket garden here in particular is worth checking out. This is where many of the actual rockets from NASA’s previous flights have been kept on display. You can even book VIP tours to the Kennedy Space Center.

Orlando Science Center

If you’re into science, the Orlando Science Center is definitely worth a visit. With scientific exhibits covering every branch of science from ecology to mechanics and more, this place is a dream for those with an appreciation for the same.

Even for those who on a normal day might not be scientifically inclined, the Center displays exhibits from all over the country, well worth checking out!

Exotic-Animal Experience

This particular attraction allows visitors to engage with and observe some of the most exotic and interesting species of animals from around the world. You do have to book in advance and share group particulars so that your visit can be coordinated but trust us; it is well worth it – especially if wildlife is your thing.

The Usuals

By the usuals what we’re referring to is the attractions you probably already know about. These are the same ones we offer our VIP and Private tour services for and include Sea World, Universal Studios and Disney World Orlando among others.

Discovery cove which is right by Sea World is most definitely worth checking out if you want to interact with exotic ocean life as well as different birds in the area.

Both Disney World and Universal Studios have water parks that are worth checking out; namely Typhoon Lagoon and Volcano Bay in that order.


As you can see, regardless of how long you plan on staying in Orlando Florida, with so much to do and see, it’s hard to imagine that your trip won’t be eventful and simply amazing!

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