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Orlando is known for its giant amusement parks full of children laughing, rock ‘n’ roller coasters, and Mickey Mouse ice cream. But did you know Orlando is also known for its beautiful scenery and nature? If you want to break up the days spent at Universal Studios or Disney World, plan a day to spend in the garden enjoying nature. During January 06, 2018 – April 22, 2018, Orlando is hosting an exhibit you don’t want to miss: Nature Connects – Art with LEGO® Bricks.


Nature Connects by Sean Kenney


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Nature Connects – Art with LEGO®

Bricks is being held at Leu Gardens in Orlando this spring. This exhibit is made up of 16 sculptures in 13 displays, all entirely made out ofLEGO® Bricks. Each piece is constructed with over 70,000 bricks and over three million bricks in total! These masterpieces are incredible to look at, take pictures of, and interact with. All of the art pieces have an interpretive theme that goes along with adaptation, ecosystems, or migration. These themes create interactives for each sculpture, like a scavenger hunt!


The LEGO® Brick sculptures are unlike anything you have ever seen. It almost replicates a pixelated picture and it is truly fascinating! These intricate pieces of art include people, animals, insects, and flowers. One sculpture features a 6-foot colorful hummingbird hovering over an

8-foot high trumpet flower. Imagine a Monarch butterfly with an 8-foot wingspan! Look above into the trees and see a 5-foot spider. Now that’s creepy.

Nature is Interconnected

Florida Legoland VIP Tours - Insider’s Look: Orlando’s Nature Connects Art with LEGO® Bricks
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Sean Kenney is the genius creator behind this nature exhibit. His goal is to show the viewer that everything in nature is interconnected in a perfect balance. Insects and plants have significant relationships with each other; different species of animals interact with each other, animals have deep connections within their families, as do we. And people have an important connection with nature. Whether you live in the wilderness or the suburbs, nature is all around you. We don’t just live amid nature, we are a part of it.

Prepare for the Day

With 50 acres of garden to explore, along with incorporated activities, this nature exhibit will take all day. Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and dress comfortably. If you would like to tag along with your family and friends but can’t be on your feet all day, consider renting a scooter. This way you can be a part of the fun and beautiful nature without giving up your comfort and safety. This can be a long day for your little ones, so take breaks, relax, and enjoy a nice lunch together.

Orlando’s Nature Connects –  Art with LEGO® Bricks is an educational platform that is enjoyable, unique, and spectacular. We guarantee you have never seen anything like this. Sean Kenney’s vision is to have his exhibit inspire you to go home and create something yourself. We hope you do, too! If you are interested in taking a private tour of Orlando and the Leu Gardens, Five Star Private VIP Tours is here to guide you! Contact us today at (407) 868-0857.

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