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Orlando, the theme park capital of the world, saw a record-breaking 72 million tourists just in a single year in 2017! The hot spot for tourism, Orlando houses some of the best attractions of the world, including but not limited to Walt Disney World and the ever-popular Universal Studios.

If you’re planning a trip to Orlando, whether to visit one of the theme parks or any of the many attractions The City Beautiful has to offer, this list of planning dos and don’ts will turn out to be a lifesaver!


Make advanced reservations. Whether you’re headed to the city in the peak rush season, i.e. during the summers, around Christmas holidays, or during any other time of the year, it is impossible to completely escape the crowds in Orlando.

Most hotels and resorts are full to the brim months before visitors arrive, and making reservations at least 180 days before your vacation will ensure you have a prime place to stay in.


Be swayed by savvy travel agents. Keep yourself from spending extra money on attractions you’re likely going to be too tired to visit after a day’s worth of riding thrilling rides. Manage your schedule and only pay for things you know for sure you’re going to be doing.


Pack sunscreen and ponchos. We can’t stress this point enough! The weather in Orlando is prone to be very hot and humid during the summer months, bringing with it almost daily rains.

You don’t want to end up too sunburned to enjoy your vacation because you forgot your sunscreen! Similarly, imagine having to walk around the city in rain drenched clothes because you forgot to pack your rain clothes!


Pay extra for that room with a view. With everything Orlando has to offer, from free live concerts, to wine tours and tastings in addition to the theme parks, you’re likely to be spending very little time in your hotel room anyway. Epcot Flower and Garden Festival VIP Tours



Rent a car. If you’re planning on travelling across the city and visiting a number of attractions, booking an Uber every time you need to head out can run a number on your wallet! Starting at $25 a day, renting a car is an easier alternative to the resort shuttle buses Disney World offers.


Miss out on the sights and smells of The City Beautiful! In your excitement to visit the many theme parks the city has to offer, don’t forget about driving around the city experiencing the life and arts of the sixth largest metropolitan of Southern United States. Ranging from wine tasting and free movie screenings to campfire sing-alongs, Orlando is a hub of fun activities!

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