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When you think of summer vacation destinations, Orlando’s probably on top of your list. With gorgeous beach homes, beautiful seascapes, and stunning, scenic views, it’s understandable why it’s every vacationer’s summer dream.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything to offer during the winters! In fact, there are plenty of attractions worth visiting during the cold season.

From the magic of Disney World to the wonders of the Kennedy Space Station, here are some of the best tourist spots to visit during your stay in Orlando:

The Iconic ICON of Orlando

The ICON offers an amazing, grand view of the entire city of Orlando! Board one of its air-conditioned capsules and go on the ride of a lifetime! Don’t worry; it’s completely safe. It’s almost like a Ferris wheel.

You’ll get a glimpse of all the popular tourist spots from up there, including Disney World!

So take as many pictures as you want of the incredible views the city has to offer. You’ll also get to see all the city’s skyscrapers. How cool is that?

Winter Park

You can’t visit Orlando and not go to Winter Park! So even if you’re planning to skip shopping (*gasp*) we recommend going to Winter Park anyway!

It’s home to over 140 shops, boutiques, cafés, and restaurants. So, even if you’re not a huge fan of shopping, there’s still a lot to see! Dine at some of the best restaurants there.

We recommend Hillstone Restaurant if you’re in the mood for steaks. If you’d like some Turkish delights, Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine is perfect!


Relax! You don’t have to wrestle an alligator if you don’t want to (but you know you do).

Gatorland is home to hundreds of alligators and crocodiles. Don’t worry; the staff will keep them at bay while you explore. There are also other types of attractions; including a zip-line that runs over a swamp of alligators!

An Exquisite Nightlife

And of course, we saved the best for last! Orlando is brimming with exuberant nightclubs and friendly locals. But if that’s not your thing, there are events, festivals, concerts, and karaoke nights to look forward to!

One of the best things about Orlando is that you’ll never get bored. There’s always something to do and something to see. The city is full of life, especially during the night!

If you’re planning a trip to Orlando, get in touch with us. As the jewel of Orange County, the city of Orlando has plenty to offer for an unforgettable trip!

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