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Legoland seems like the perfect place to take your kids and have a family vacation. It’s full of fun activities and attractions meant to get the party started; complete with a theme park, water park and hotels and accommodation onsite.  

But what if we told you it’s also a great place for a romantic get away? Not convinced yet? Worried about all the kids running around, being a disruption? Only heard of Disney World tours for dates? Don’t worry!

Here are a few romantic things to do at Legoland:

  1. Take a dip in the pool
    Did someone say pool? Well–way more than a pool! There’s a whole water park at the resort, and what’s better than going down some water slides, cooling off in the pools and going wild on the other attractions. There’s nothing better than a water park during the summer heat!
  2. Walk through the botanical gardens
    The Cyprus Gardens’ botanical park is a gorgeous, super romantic place to spend time with your loved one. The banyan trees and other flora are enough to win over anyone’s heart!

You can take a stroll in the evenings when the weather is cooler; the sun isn’t beating down on you and truly enjoy the serenity of the beautiful historic garden.

  1. Feel young and alive on all the rides
    With over 50 attractions across the resort, Legoland, Fl is the biggest one around. It seems childish to be riding rollercoasters with kids and teens who are probably much younger than you, but trust us when we say it’s so much fun. There’s no way that this isn’t going to unleash your inner child and give you a chance to let loose together and bring humor to your relationship. Remember how people say humor is important for any relationship? It’s true!

4. Go boating
Don’t know how to operate a boat? Don’t worry about it. That’s exactly why the boating school is a fun and exciting activity to do together. A self-propelling boat will take you along a winding waterway and combine romance and adventure.

5. Go for dinner around Winter Haven

When you’re done with all the adventure at Legoland, dress up and try one of the many incredible restaurants around winter haven. You’ll be able to experience some incredible cuisine and there’s really no going wrong with a simple dinner!

So there you have it! Legoland is the perfect, most quirky date spot to visit with your partner. If you wish to book a VIP tour of Legoland, take a private VIP tour of Disney World or other theme parks; get in touch with us at (407) 868-0857.



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