Plan The Perfect Date with Disney
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If you have a special someone in your life then I am sure that you would want to take her on the most romantic date possible. Now, this is entirely on the person on what they consider romantic but in our opinion, nothing is more romantic than the fairy tales that we have grown up watching.

As long as I can remember girls would always have a crush on Disney prince and wanted to live the life of a Disney princess. So what better way to bring back those fond memories and give your special someone the best date ever.


How to Plan For the Perfect Date

Well, if you want to plan for the perfect date then you are going to have to wait for the perfect date. The most romantic date for going on a date is definitely going to be the 14th February, but if you plan a date on the valentine’s day than it is going to get a bit cliché, so our opinion is to plan your date a day or two before the valentine’s day.

12th and 13th February are the days that Disney’s sweetheart’s night is scheduled. And to set up, the perfect date all you have to do is get the tickets and the rest will be handled by Disneyland itself.

What is In a Sweetheart’s Night?

Sweetheart’s night is a two-day event that is held every year at Disneyland, the tickets are going to cost you around $100 per person, but the tickets include all the activities that are planned by Disney. The activities change every year but the general idea is that the night starts from 9 pm to 1 am. The event includes magical parties to get your groove on, you will also be able to meet some of the most darling couples during the night.

After a night of dancing and having fun, you will get hungry, so there is also going to be Disney themed dinner. Which will have some of the most romantic recipes for those two nights only.

And to end the night fireworks show so that your night also ends on a bang.

Other Benefits

Sweetheart’s night comes with other benefits as well, benefits like after-hour access to some of the most romantic attractions as well as custom merchandise to celebrate your love.

How to register For the Sweetheart’s Night

There are only some tickets that are available for the night and it is sold on a first come first basis, so if you want to plan a date there register early. You can easily find tickets on the Disneyland website. And over there you will also be able to find specific details about the event, so you can decide accordingly.

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