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So, you’ve finally decided to pop the question! First of all, #congratulations!

Deciding to propose isn’t easy, even if you’ve been together for several years. There are certain things you need to take into consideration. After all, you’ll be spending your entire life with this person.

There’s a part of you that still wonders if it’s the right decision. But deep down, you know it’ll be worth it! After all, you can’t see any other person taking their place in your life.

But the million-dollar question is: where do you propose? You want the proposal to be perfect, after all.

For a magical moment like this, you need a magical place! And that’s where Disney World comes in. Don’t know what would make the best Disney World proposal spot? Here’s a list of a few spots that we know will make all your SO’s dreams come true.

Take them to Cinderella’s Castle

Make your princess’s dreams come true by proposing at Cinderella’s Castle. Make it even more romantic by proposing on the balcony.

If the gorgeous views don’t take her breath away, it’s guaranteed that your proposal will! After she says yes, dine at the castle’s fine dining restaurant and celebrate your future!

France and Italy in Epcot

There’s a mini France and Italy in Epcot that offers a romantic experience for couples. You can take your significant other there and surprise them by proposing on one of the bridges that provide a grand view of the lakes there.

The European-style landscapes are guaranteed to add to the mesmerizing moment and will leave them breathless!

Main Street USA

With a majestic view of Cinderella’s Castle behind you, this one’s picture-perfect. Take them to Main Street USA, get on one knee and watch their face light up like a Christmas tree!

It’ll be a magical moment that both of you won’t be able to forget!

Picture Point

Picture Point is where all the magic happens! This is a popular spot for proposing. A lot of couples also come here during their honeymoon or to renew their vows. It also offers a view of Cinderella’s Castle, making it an amazing spot for proposing!

As soon as you pop the question, a photographer will capture the moment! It’ll be a lovely surprise and she won’t even expect it!

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