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Disney world is one of the most visited spots in the World. Established in several countries, it attracts a large number of people that are mostly lovers of animated fictional Walt Disney films.

You will be surprised to know that recently Disney announced the inauguration of the Walt Disney Skyliner, which is a gondola system at Walt Disney World, on September 29, 2019, which is just a few months from now. Disney World fans are eager to visit and see a sky view of the Walt Disney World.

1.   Gliding Above Walt Disney World

What exactly is Disney Skyliner Gondola System? Well, you could say it is a new means of transportation in the Walt Disney World. It is roughly based on the same idea as the old Disney Skyway buckets in the Magic Kingdom.

However, the aim of the Disney Skyliner project is that it will be much bigger than ever before having a great internal capacity and designed to provide comfortable rides.

The aim is to revolutionize the transportation method in addition to providing the visitors with a new experience since the bird’s eye view has a specific beautiful touch to it. Latest news, however, suggests that there will be no air conditioning in the Gondolas.

2.  Places the Disney Skyliner will Take Us

The Disney Gondola system project intends to connect five stations in its initial launch. This, however, may be increased later onwards. The stations include Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Epcot Park and Disney’s Riviera Resort. There is also another station call as turn station, but it doesn’t provide the facility to get off.

Right in the beginning, outside International Gateway is the Epcot Park Station and provides perfects means of transportation for guests that are staying in Beach club resorts or other hotels there. The central part of the project is the Caribbean Beach resort from where all three other lines depart. Hollywood Studios station is probably the busiest station and is said to become the longest after the initiation of the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

3.  Types of Disney Gondola Cabins

The Disney Skyliner Gondola cabins will be of types based on the color and design. Some of them are painted with special characters from the Disney World, whereas the others have been left empty either to conserve money or for the characters that are still yet to come into the Disney World.

The Disney Skyliner Gondola cabins will be able to accommodate around ten individuals, and the average speeds of the rides have been estimated to be in between 5-15 minutes at a speed of 11mph. The cabins have been made sure to support wheelchairs, scooters, ECVs and other sorts of mobility devices.

4.  Issues Concerning the Disney Skyliner Gondola System

There will be around 300 gondolas, and the first and most important problem was regarding air conditioning since it is quite hot in Florida. It has been reported that cabins will have no facility of air conditioning. However, they will be able to provide air cooling. The authorities claim that it will be sufficient for the riders to have a comfortable journey.

The second highlighted issue is regarding weather conditions. The Skyliner Gondola System will be open based on the weather circumstances and will be closed in case of a storm or lightning. However, we don’t need to worry about it since the authorities have made sure for the ride to be safe.

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