Rise of the Resistance: A New Star Wars Ride
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There have been many rumors that Disney has been building a new attraction using the theme of star wars. Though star wars: galaxy’s edge, is still open, according to Disney you will soon feel what it’s like to be inside a battle between the good and the bad.

Disney finally gave insights on their most anticipated attraction, star wars: rise of the resistance. Soon opening on 5th December in Hollywood studios and 17th January at Disneyland. The ride features multiple systems for the guest and while traveling on this intergalactic journey, it is said to be one of the longest Disney rides, spanning over 15 minutes, the ride features the top of the line technology, Disney has never used before.


Ride Layout

The most ambitious project from Disney starts at the resistance forest as you move along to the laser carved mountains to the secret hideout of the resistance. Once you are there Ray will ask you to join as a recruit to accompany them and help the war. Once you get to the transport you will leave and that’s where the first part of the ride starts. As you move through space your transport is hijacked by the dark side and they beam you onto their ship. As the gates open you enter the main room where you can see, a lot of soldiers throughout the room. Then you are taken to a room where your crew will be divided into groups of eight and loaded onto a trackless shuttle on their way to the jail.

Along the way, your shuttle is hijacked by the resistance and you have to escape from the destroyer. In this ride, you will also encounter Ren and he will try to stop you from escaping with the help of the ship’s escape pods.

That is just the bare minimum information about the ride, as it is a 15-minute experience, being the most ambitious project Disney has ever made so for, it will be so much more than the information we have. With more than 100 animatronics of different sizes and cutting edge engineering, stars wars rise of the resistance will surely be an amazing experience.


Our Thoughts

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