Run Disney: An Event for the Runners on Their Vacation
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Run Disney: formerly known as the Disney endurance race series and the endurance series at Walt Disney resort, is a division of Disney Sports enterprise, a unit of Disney Parks, experience and products. Run Disney is an annual event that consists of 26 individual races on their 3 theme parks in Orlando, California, and Pairs.

The races gather around 163000 runners and are designed to get runners to plan a vacation that coincides with the races they are signed up for.

It all started in 1994 when Disney held the Walt Disney World marathon, the first road race and gradually adding additional races later. In the first inaugural race of what become the Disney endurance series only 5588 runners participated and it was a success.

Walt Disney World Marathon is one of the many races that run Disney has created over the years, the races are held annually and start in the January of every year in Orlando, California, and Paris. Over the years Disney has added many 5K races, 10K races, half marathons, free-runs and many other types of races into their annual event.

The main thing different about these races is that they are completely based on Disney themes and cover almost all of the theme parks Walt Disney owns. Different races in the series have different themes, some are based on star wars, some based on avengers, some based on Tinkerbelle, and some based on the Minnie cartoon character.


Races Organized By Run Disney

There are multiple races organized by run Disney and each race is based on a different theme and uses a different path for the race depending on the theme of the race. Disney rewards its runners with medals and other items to elevate their spirits and enhance their experience. The races are filled with fun and entertainment and every runner there has a wonderful time.

There are more than 26 races in this event alone and there are other weekend series that are organized throughout different times of the year. The most recognized race of the bunch is the Walt Disney World Marathon it was inaugurated in 1994 and included Anaheim Stadium and a loop around the Pond of Anaheim and many other attractions in their path which made for a very entertaining run.

Run Disney still follows the idea in their planning and every year they work to improve the race path in such a way that it becomes, even more, exciting than the last year.


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