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With 10.2 million visitors in 2017 alone, Universal Studios Orlando is definitely a popular vacation spot.

However, it can be quite heavy on your pocket, especially if it’s a family vacation spread out over a couple of days. Park tickets alone can add up to hundreds of dollars, let alone costs incurred for transport, accommodation and food.

A little planning and budgeting, however, can make all the difference to your bank account. It is possible to remain on budget and still have the time of your life at Universal Studios.

Here are some tips that might help:

Drive to Orlando

Avoid paying airfare, parking fees and baggage costs by turning your journey into a road trip! Enjoy the convenience of taking as much luggage as you can fit in the car. If there’s a big group, you could also split the costs and stay well under budget.

Book Your Flight In Advance

If you still prefer flying, try to book your air tickets well in advance. Looking for flights during weekdays and in off-peak seasons like early September or November will help you benefit from lower airfares.

Plan Your Trip During Off Season

September tends to be hot, humid and rainy – hence obviously one of the slowest months at Universal Studios. You’re likely to enjoy much lower rates on hotels and airfare as a reward for compromising on the weather though. Off season disney trip

Avail the Best Hotel Deals by Researching In Advance

There are numerous hotel and air vacation packages available for Universal Studios. Individual hotels also have great discounts going on sometimes; keep checking for these months before your trip to avail some great deals. Hotel Planning

Purchase Tickets Online

Buying tickets online rather than at the gate not only saves you the hassle of standing in long queues, but also saves you $20 per ticket.

The Universal Savings Coupon Booklet

Make sure you print this booklet when you print out your park tickets. You can redeem the booklet for incredible discounts on shops and restaurants at Universal Studios.

Find Coupon Booklets and Brochures

Look around the Orlando Visitor’s Center and score some great coupons for Universal Studios as well as other attractions in Orlando. Also look for brochures around your accommodation and other local areas; sometimes they have fantastic coupons at the back as well.

Plan Your Meals In Advance

Buying snacks beforehand, packing your own lunch and looking up budget friendly restaurants before your trip are all great ways to save some bucks on your meals and pricey snacks at the park. Looking at dining options outside of the Universal Studios is worth a shot too. There are several popular, lower priced chains with great food just outside of the theme park.

Free Shuttle Services

When booking your hotel, try to find one that offers free shuttle services to and from Universal Studios. This saves you from costs of renting a car, fuel, parking fees—all of which can add up to large amounts.

Book a Tour with Five Star Private VIP Tours

You could also just leave the planning entirely up to us at Five Star Private VIP Tours. Avail incredible benefits such as luxury transport to and from Universal Studios.

Our expert guides know Universal Studios Orlando inside out and make sure you spend minimal time waiting in queues, are at the right place at the right times and secure the best seats for all the shows and parades! Book a private VIP tour and make the most of your trip to Universal Studios Orlando!

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