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Vacations and trips are a great way to spend time with family; you get to bond, explore, enjoy activities, share food and make memories that you’ll cherish forever. Our parents take us on trips as kids so we get a sense of the world and a taste of other cultures, experiences and live a full life. So why should we abandon them just because they’re aged?

It’s Quite Possible To Travel With Elderly Parents

Sure it requires a little more preparation and planning when you’re travelling with senior citizens, as it does while travelling with children. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Like anything else, a little planning goes a long way.

Check ahead of time

When you’re making any sort of plans where you’ll include your elderly parents, make sure to check ahead. Ask them if they have special accommodations and facilities for senior citizens, such as wheelchairs, elevators, hospitals and care facilities in the vicinity. Ask about menu options especially if you’re staying in hotels that include meals. It’s better to be prepared than sorry and be stuck in a situation that’s unpleasant.

Do as much as can be managed

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a trip and become ambitious about what you can cover and do. It’s different when you’re with older folks who can’t always keep up with your pace, stamina and energy.

A guided tour can really help with this, because they’re experts who know the places inside out—whether you’re taking a tour of Disney or a private tour of L.A., it’s helpful to go with a group and guide. You can get you itinerary customized and plan according to how long you’ll be there. You can book with us and we’ll take care of everything!

Keep track of medications and other health concerns

Hopefully nothing will happen and they’ll be fit enough to travel in any case, but elderly people require extra care, beyond the average first aid kit. Make sure you have their medicines and other necessities packed and ready, and extra on standby. Travel insurance can help cover that too, even if it costs more for seniors. It’s definitely worth investing in.

Prepare for long, tiring travels

Flying, driving, taking a train or bus can all get tiring and in fact, affect seniors’ health conditions. Take it slow and prepare for the journey itself amidst planning for the trip; it can make a huge difference to check in early, plan for seats and speak to your travel carrier.

Last but not least, keep your eye out for senior discounts and offers! And don’t forget to have fun!


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