Beautiful Night View From Sky In Orlando
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When people talk about rides in Orlando, they think of different theme park attractions. They forget to comprehend that there is more to that rather than just attraction rides of some themed park either it be Gatorland or Disneyland. There are other rides beyond any roller coasters.

Different locations around Orlando area provides one of the most enjoyable and exhilarating non-theme park rides is the rides of helicopter that can fly you even higher than the SeaWorld Sky Tower. Various companies offer helicopter options, from short excursions to longer scenic tours that lets you see the stunning night view from the sky. These sightings consist of SeaWorld Orlando, Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios Florida and Disney. You’ll also see many resorts and the water parks.


Taking trip even farther, several helicopter firms offer excursions of Downtown Orlando, lakes, the Space Coast. Even though most families prefer daytime ride, opting for night time ride is a total different experience that you can enjoy. All of the tourist areas are lit up in neon and brightly colored lights.

If you go at the right time you might even catch a Disney fireworks show glittering all over the sky right infront of your eyes. Since helicopter trips are a bit expensive, so be prepared to be treated like a king or queen while enjoying the bird’s eye view of all those shinny shimmering lights below that lit up the place. It is one of an experience that you can have in a life time. Tourist areas around Orlando are lit up with bright neon lights.

Flying Details:

Fees normally range from $20 to over $120, depending on the chosen options. Kids always have a discounted price so that’s a good thing.

Helicopter rides can be found in two key locations:

  • Highway 192, which is nearer to Walt Disney World.
  • International Drive, which is in the neighborhood of SeaWorld Orlando and Universal Orlando Resort.

Companies providing helicopter tours are Orlando Helicenter, Sunshine Helicopter Tours and Orlando Helitours.

For this sky-high adventure helicopter tour two people are usually required, so make sure they are okay soaring high among the clouds. If someone isn’t ready for a high flight, a short tour can also be booked which lasts for 3-4 minutes just to have a quick view and how it feels to be up there in a helicopter.

In Orlando helicopters are just one of the many non-theme park activities. There are many other ways to fly in the sky, like hot air balloon rides and more.

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