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October’s halfway through and you know what’s coming up ahead—Halloween! How about trick-or-treating a little differently this year?

Holiday festivities are in full swing at Disneyland and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to book your trip and give your kids a spectacularly spooky Halloween experience!

Disneyland Halloween Food

The latter part of trick-or-treating really comes to life with the improvised menu at Disneyland during the Halloween season. Whether it’s the Spoke-y Cone Macaron, Mickey Bread with Fangs, or Haunted Firehouse Chicken, your taste buds are in for a treat with the delicious food available at various restaurants.

You can also try out the Bat Wing raspberry sundaes, flavored churros, hand-scooped ice-cream, and cake pops too satisfy your sweet tooth. Don’t forget to drop by at Mint Julep Bar for the Mickey-shaped pumpkin spice beignets!

Disneyland Rides for Halloween

It’s not just the buildings and pathways that are being decorated; the rides are getting a Halloween makeover too!

With the nightly transformation of Guardians of the Galaxy—Monsters after Dark, get ready to witness the attraction’s exterior go completely dark and then light up with special visual effects. In an all-new mission, the guests are assigned to help the Guardians distract the monsters that have been recently released and rescue Groot.

Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy is getting a ghostly transformation too. With blood-curdling screams and eerie music playing in the background, you’ll have chills down your spine as you make your way through the galaxy in this speeding rocketship. As for the Haunted Mansion, Halloween is the only time of the year you’ll get to meet Jack Sellington!

Mickey’s Halloween Party

This is a special extra-ticket you do not want to miss out on!

Held on selective nights during the Halloween season, the party is the only time adults can wear costumes to Disneyland granted they follow the costume restrictions placed by Disney.

Watch the Frightfully Fun Parade led by The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow. Joined by Jack Sellington, Vamprina, and lots of ghosts and skeletons, this parade is a sight to behold and is exclusively for the guests attending the party.

There is also a special fireworks show afterwards and plenty of trick-or-treating for you to get your share of Halloween candy!

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