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Worried who’ll watch your beloved pet back home while you go to Disneyland? Worry no more! You can now bring your faithful companion along to the theme park and have them ‘checked-in’ at a pet facility!

Disneyland Kennel Club Day Care

This climate-controlled day-care facility is located near the main entrance of Disneyland, making it easy for visitors to get their pets settled in before they go off to enjoy the park. While Disneyland does not allow pets inside its two theme parks, the Kennel Club Day Care is the perfect place for your pet to stay at for the duration of your visit.

With up to 52 kennels, the facility operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Dogs, cats, birds and other animals that can be legally owned as a pet in California are all welcome at the day care. It opens 30 minutes prior to the park’s opening hours so hurry up and get your spot early on!

Get Your Pets Vaccinated

Your pets must be vaccinated and of a certain age for them to be admitted at the day care. Dogs and cats, for instance, need to be over 4 months old for getting admitted. Don’t forget to bring along a vaccination certificate from your veterinarian!

Visit and Feed Your Pets

While you can have your pets stay at the kennel, you will still be required to look after them. That means their feeding, handling, and being taken out of the enclosure for short breaks is dependent on you, not the attendants. There is an area designated for animals to walk and play outside, which you can use for this purpose. Make sure you check up on your pet after a few hours and get them the food and the exercise they need for the day!

Pick Them Up On Time

Once you pick up your pet from the kennel, you cannot go back to the Disneyland parks as it has a no-animal policy. Moreover, you cannot leave your pet at the kennel overnight and need to collect them latest by half an hour after the park closes. Be sure you pick up your pet on time, as the park management will not be responsible for them after closing hours.

Service Animals Are Welcomed At Disneyland

While there is a no-pet policy in the parks, service animals are warmly welcomed inside. If you require the assistance of a guide dog, you can most definitely bring it inside with you, provided it’s on a leash. Some rides even allow service animals to accompany the guests, and there are designated areas within the park where the animals may relieve themselves.

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