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While our seniors may have aged and gotten older physically, they are still young at heart and deserve to experience the unadulterated, childlike joy that Disney World offers. It’s never too late to meet your favorite Disney characters or enjoy thrilling rides and attractions.

But let’s face it, the joy of Disney World can get a little overwhelming when experienced all at once; not only for seniors, but for everyone. When it comes to taking your elderly parents to Disney, there are certain things you should keep in mind so that they can enjoy as much as possible.

If not prepared properly, the Disney trip can end up exhausting them. Here are a few care tips you should keep in mind.

Avoid Crowded Areas

If you’re able to visit Disney World at any given time of the year, choose a time when the holiday crowd won’t be populating the park. With a relatively emptier park, you’ll have a better time navigating the park easily and enjoying all the attractions thoroughly.

Schedule Breaks In-Between

While you may have the stamina to walk five miles a day in the expansive theme parks, your senior parents won’t. It is better to schedule in a few breaks throughout the entire day so they can relax and refuel. You can find shaded places to just sit down for a minute and rehydrate.

Involve Them in the Planning Process

While you obviously have their best interest at heart, don’t go overboard by planning everything to a T by yourself. Planning the trip can be a fun activity too and your senior parents may have certain activities they want to try out. So make sure you have them take a look at all the variety of attractions and which ones they would like to experience.

Find Senior-Friendly Attractions and Rides

Not all rides at the park will be senior friendly; there are some that require you to step onto a moving platform to enter the ride. Some of them also have a short unloading time period, which means you have to get off the ride fast. A lot of seniors won’t be able to keep up with the pace. So make sure you know which rides are safe beforehand.

Avoid Long Wait Times

Few healthy adults have the energy or stamina to stand in lines for long periods of time, your elderly parents won’t. Make sure you cut down wait time by hiring a private tour service to make the experience much easier and fun for your parents and you.

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