The 101s of Disney Pin Trading Fanatics Should Know About
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When you visit an attraction or some event in the end all you want is to keep a memory of that forever. It can later be shown to your kids or younger siblings and let them know how much fun you had back in the day. Down under are some of the 101s when you ready for Disney pin trading.

History of Disney Pin Trading

For such reasons Walt Disney World Resort introduced Pins trading as a part of Walt Disney Millennium Celebration in 1999. Next year the idea of pin trading bloomed so much that it was introduced to every part of Disney affiliated places/events or attractions. Some of these places or attractions are Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Disney Cruise Lines. Each of these places freely created their own pins and traditions that attracted people over years and take with them reminder tokens of Disney experience.

What is Disney Pin Trading

It is trading, buying and selling of collector’s item, pins and related items made by Disney. That includes characters, attractions, icon and events from Disney. Since it was started back in 1999 it flourished into a hobby which is officially supported and promoted by Disney. Thousands of unique pins have been built over years. The base price for a pin is US$9.99. But the limited editions or special pins could cost around $14.95 which includes dangle, flocking, light-up, moving element or 3-D element. Featured artist or jumbo pins cost around 20 – 35 dollars or sometimes they can go beyond $125.

Current Disney Pin Trading

All Disney resorts, attractions, events and affiliations have large variety of pins available for purchasing and trading throughout the year. The merchandise is wore on a lanyards by the Disney cast member which can be found around their necks or hip lanyard. Each of these lanyards contain around dozen of unique pins, which the guests of all age can trade if the pin is in tradable conditions. Cast members cannot refuse a specific trade based on liking or rarity of the pin but they can deny if the pin is not in acceptable conditions or the pin trading etiquettes are not observed.

What Are Pin Trading Etiquettes

As pin trading is something special for Disney and Disney lovers. They issued a leaflet on tips, etiquettes and how to trade pins to guide people and to keep up their reputation. Some of the etiquettes are as follows:

  • Pin has to be of metal and includes functional sharp post.
  • It must have Disney copyright on its back.
  • It should represent Disney character/park/attraction/icon or some official affiliation.
  • It should be traded with Disney Cast members, one pin at a time.
  • No trading of money in exchange for a pin.

Official Locations for Pin Purchasing

Guest who visit different Disneyland or affiliated areas can easily buy pins from these locations.

  1. Disneyland California.
  2. Disneyland Paris.
  3. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.
  4. Disney Cruise Lines.
  5. Walt Disney Studios, Burbank.

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