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Let’s face it, Disney has been around for more than 96 years and they had their fair share of influences on us when we were growing up. Although Disney is not an Instagram model, but it has a lot of influence on our lives. For some, Disney is a lifestyle and everything they do in their life is somewhat related to Disney in one way or another.

Pets are a type of animal or insect that we keep with ourselves as our companions as well as our friends. Pets are of many types and it completely depends on the person’s nature and interest in what type of pet should they get. Most people prefer a domestic or tamed animal so they can be played with and stuff, while others like pets that are a little less maintenance so they can be taken care of easily.

It does not matter if you have a cute or scary pet, if you love them then they can be considered as pets. If you have a pet then you are going to need a name for it as well, and if you are a Disney fan as well, this might be the perfect opportunity to name your pet on one of the names of the Disney Characters. If you are having trouble deciding your pet’s Disney name, here are our top pics.


Olaf From Frozen

We all know that Disney’s frozen 2 has just released in theaters and it has become an instant success, however, if you want to name your domestic pet into a frozen character than Olaf is the perfect name for them, especially if your pet originates from a colder environment.


Mochi from Big Hero 6

If we search for the word Mochi on google you will find that Mochi is a type of rice cake, although you cannot keep rice cake as a pet, you can surely name your pet Mochi. It might be a little unusual, but hey, who are we to judge. Alternatively, Baymax is also a pretty good name for a fluffy huggable pet.


Stitch from Lilo & Stitch

Stich is an excellent name for a dog or something similar because the character that was named stitch also has characteristics that were similar to a dog. The show also called stitch experiment 626 so you can also name your pet with it as well.


Pascal from Tangled

If you have a pet that is a little out of the ordinary than Pascal is the perfect name for your pet, this name can be applied to any pet and it is going to be something that will always unique.


Look for Inspiration

If you are still not able to find a name for your pet, look for inspiration. Disney has a 96-year history and I am sure that you will able to find something for yourself. If not, visit Disney VIP tours Orlando, there I am 100 percent certain that you will be able to find a good name because it is the hub of everything related to Disney.

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