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We have a date!! October 19th will launch the all-new Genie service at Walt Disney World!

This new FREE planning tool is designed to create your best Disney day possible based on your interests and what you love to do most in the parks. Plan your next Disney VIP Tour in a whole new way!

There are two different versions of Genie. Let’s explore! 

Genie is a completely FREE planning tool available to all Guests. Anyone can use the Genie features that are built right into the My Disney Experience app to help you plan your day while you’re at the parks. The tool is meant to create spontaneity and flexibility to your day, while you’re in the moment, allowing you to create the perfect park day totally based on your favorite things to do. Features such as tailored recommendations, a customized daily itinerary and personalize tip board are just some of the ways you will build your park day.

Genie + is a paid feature and is the replacement for what we previously called FastPass+. You get all the features of the free Genie planning tool, plus for $15 per day/person, Genie+ allows you to book selections throughout the day to access the Lightning Lane (formerly FastPass), guaranteeing a shorter wait time for your favorite attractions and shows. 

Note that you can make one selection at a time for over 40 attractions and entertainment across all parks. If you have the hopper option on your ticket, you’ll be able to make Lightening Lane selections for any of the parks at any time throughout the day. Unlike FastPass, you are no longer relegated to one park for multiple passes before you can make selections in another park. You can jump around as much as you want.

Genie + is completely optional and not required to still have an amazing park experience. But it does afford you to maximize your park time by minimizing your wait time throughout the day. Genie+ is designed for those that visit infrequently and need to pack everything in, in a short amount of time. Your locals and frequent visitors are less likely to purchase Genie +, and rather wait in the stand by line for their favorite attractions. 

A la carte purchases can be made for premier attractions (you do not need to purchase Genie+ to take advantage of these). You choose a time to arrive at up to 2 attractions each day (booked one at a time). You can purchase these through the My Disney Experience app on the same day as your visit. 

Contact Orlando VIP Tours for more information and a list of included attractions for Genie+ and a la carte selections.

In other exciting news… while we can’t share hugs and autographs just yet, characters such as Mickey will be returning to their personal themed locations so you can have 1 on 1 socially distanced interactions. Look for those later this November. More entertainment is coming back to the parks as well, visit here for more details! This is great news and much-needed progress. 

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