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Disney has made one of the best-animated characters that have got a lot of audiences and a huge fan base. These fans are always eager to know more about their favorite characters. Among the many remarkable and beautiful characters created, one of them is Persephone, also known as The Goddess of Spring.

Though Persephone didn’t have a full animated movie, she did, however, have a small animated short film of about 9 minutes. The short film was released in 1934, and its release was extremely important to the future Disney movies since this was one of the first animated short films filming a princess. Listed below are some of the highlights of her story.

1.   Background and Introduction

You will be surprised to know that Disney Persephone is the first princess of Disney World. While many may argue that the first princess in the world of Disney was Snow White because Persephone didn’t get a complete movie, however, it still wouldn’t be wrong to say she is the first princess of Disney because she was the first to appear on the screen.

Her mother’s name is Demeter, and her father’s name is Zeus. After the release of the initial short film, many different stories were considered for her character, but she never appeared on the show. However, the idea that she would appear in the “Hercules and the Underworld Takeover,” was considered.

2.   The plot of the Short Film

Disney’s first princess, Persephone, is a lovely character and lives in a garden of eternal spring with her parents. She is also called the goddess of spring because of her powers. Whenever she is in the world, there is always spring and happiness. The flowers dance and greet and keep on blooming all year long. Similarly, the fairies sing in her name and stand beside her throne to serve their queen. There was only joy in the world, and everything was pleasant. People were happy, and there was no problem whatsoever.
One day the Pluto, who is also known as God of the underworld, takes an interest in her. He finds her beautiful and hence plans to capture her and make her queen of the underworld. The fairies try to defend their queen but fail to do so. Pluto takes her away and makes her his queen, where the devils welcome her.

At this sad incident, her mother Demeter is extremely saddened, and people mourn the loss of their goddess. Not only this, but the condition of the world also started to fall. The flowers start to die, and there is winter all the time. Persephone is sad and cries all the time because she wants to go back to her home.

The God of the underworld, Pluto on seeing his queen unhappy tries everything to please his queen but all in vain. At last, he forms an agreement with the queen Persephone that she will stay six months in her home and the other six in the underworld with her king to which she agrees, thus creating the reason for four seasons. She returns and brings spring with her, and as she leaves the winds of winter start to blow.

3.   Importance of the Short Film

This film was considered a great success since it was based on this film that the future stories of the Disney princesses would take place. This was, in a way, a test and a steppingstone in the advancement of animation. This is because despite the Disney staff’s great experience in designing animals, their experience in case of humans was still very low.

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