The Monkey Kingdom by Disney Nature
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If you ever had a good childhood than you probably know of Disney and its impact on the world. What started with a man making small animation movies has now reached a stage where it has the power to do anything they want.

In 2008, the Walt Disney studios founded an independent production house that specializes in the production of nature documentaries. Since then the production house has developed more than 30 nature documentaries and the monkey kingdom is one of those nature documentaries. Today we are going to be taking a closer look into Disney nature’s monkey kingdom, so let’s get started.

Monkey Kingdom

The movie is known to be filmed in the city of Polonnaruwa in Siri Lanka. This is a documentary about a family of monkeys that live in the ruins in the forest of Polonnaruwa. The main crux of the story revolve around the family of monkeys and their fight to win back their home from the invaders.

Although this is a documentary about the toque macaque monkeys, but as the plot unfolds, the documentary seems to be more interesting than many movies of that time.

The Plot of the Documentary

The story starts with Maya, a monkey that is born at the bottom of the tree in her home. Even though Maya is at the bottom of the food chain, the alpha of the group rajah has his eyes on her and considers her his property.

One day when the troupe escapes from a leopards attack, a young male monkey catches the gaze of Maya, and they secretly mate, but rajah finds out that he has been duped and he and his sub-alpha monkeys chase Kumar away.

After 5 months, Maya gives birth to her son Kip, and since Kumar is gone she is left alone to take care of her son. During monsoon season Maya and other lowborn are left to soak in the rain while the higher class takes shelter in much more preferable places.

Maya is a scrappy girl and during the time of food scarcity, Maya takes innovative steps in finding food for her and her kid. She finds lily pods and caterpillars to eat, when the highborn discover that Maya has not given priority to them for this food source, they beat her up and take kip away and leave him in the woods alone.

Eventfully Maya finds Kip and now they turn to the city to find food that they can eat. The lowborn ransack a house in the city and eat all the food that was there for a party.

The Ending

When their homes are ransacked by another monkey tribe, Maya leads the monkeys to the city, where there is plenty of food and shelter. Over there she also meets back with Kumar and now they are all charge together being led by Maya and Kumar to get back their home. Once the dust settles of the war. Maya and Kumar along with their baby kip, are now found on the top of the food chain while, rajah and the other highborn are lower than them, Completing a full circle.

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