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If you’re scrounging for ideas on where to take your kids for vacation this summer then Legoland, California is the answer you’re looking for! With a giant water park, dozens of amusement rides and aquariums, Legoland offers you tons of different activities at every nook and corner. While your children are sure to go wild with excitement, there are many things for you to enjoy as an adult too!

We understand that taking care of kids at an amusement complex is hard and remains your number one priority as a parent on holiday. Well, there’s no need to worry! Follow our tips for a hassle-free trip to Legoland and experience a memorable vacation with your family.

Make use of the package pick-up service

Okay, let’s all admit that a trip to Legoland is incomplete without a Lego haul! Since you’re obviously going to be buying some Lego toys, it’ll help if you use the package pick-up service so that you don’t have to carry bags and parcels with you around all day long. You can pick-up your belongings when you’re leaving.

Bring extra clothes

If you’re visiting the water park then you’ll definitely need a bathing suit for yourself and the kids. The play area at Pirates Shore can get you pretty easily soaked so a set of dry clothes will be needed.

Skip the queues!

No, we’re not asking you to cut in front of the line. You can actually maximize the time you spend at Legoland by reducing the time you waste staying stuck in queues and there’s only one easy way to do that—book a VIP tour! A private VIP tour itinerary will lead you through the rush and make sure you’ve got all necessary items, admissions tickets, and seats sorted beforehand.

Bring some food along

You can always buy snacks at Legoland but packing food with you can help you save up that hard earned cash and spend it more Legos! Plus, there’s no knowing when kids will get hungry on a day out!

Visit the Baby Care Center

If you’re traveling with children under the age of five you can bank on a top-notch baby care facility. The care center at Legoland is equipped with high chairs, bottle warmers, microwaves and even a changing station for those dirty diapers.

Know the water park hours

The water parks are the life of the party at Legoland and this means waiting for your turn in a sea of visitors. Minimize wait times by showing up early in the morning and have your fun before late noon because that’s when crowds begin growing. We suggest hiring a private itinerary or a VIP tour for a stress-free day out!

Whether your children are aged two or twelve, with a private VIP tour you don’t have to worry about a trip to Legoland! Let our tour guides take care of the logistics while you enjoy quality time with your family. Call now at (213) 330-2708 and get the party started!

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