Timmy Failure
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As you all know that Disney has just released its new streaming channel called Disney Plus and it has been met with mixed views. Since Disney is not a company that only has been around for a small amount of time, they have plenty of experience in turning around their audience to their side. They might have already anticipated the mixed reactions when they were planning to compete against their main competitor Netflix.

Since the release of Disney plus, Disney has been constantly releasing new shows and movies to persuade potential clients into trying out their service. Their shows and movies cover a wide range of audiences and are perfect for anyone who wants to have a good time watching this content. Disney has also used its marvel cinematic universe and created a host of shows to attract new users to their service.

Recently Disney Plus has launched a new movie by the name of Timmy Failure, it is a modern twist on a classic drama-comedy. The movie was released on 25 January 2020 and had gained the attention of many critics around the world. Let’s talk a little bit more about the movie itself and what it offers.


The Plot

The plot of the movie is a little unorthodox and completely out of the ordinary. The plot of the movie follows a young boy by the name of jimmy Failure and the whole story revolves around him. The story is such that the boy aspires to be a private detective and has its own private investigative company. He works together with his partner which a 1500 pound polar bear and his sidekick Rollo Tookus.


The Story

The story first starts with the introduction of the characters and a brief background on each of them. The main plot of the movie starts when the failure mobile which is essentially a Segway that is used by Timmy, gets stolen. The Segway was the only nice thing in their house which Timmy’s mother won in a competition. Now Timmy, together with his partner and his sidekick has to solve the case and get back the Segway that was stolen.


The Basis of the Story

As with all movies that Disney makes, there is always a baseline story or book that is referenced, in this case, the movie is based on a children’s storybook that is written by Stephan Pasties. The author has made a series of books that are perfect for bedtime stories with kids. The books include various images and concise reading material so that kids can easily read and enjoy it. The book was written for kids and you can also now watch the movie as well if you don’t like reading that much.


Wrapping It Up

Since it is a Disney movie you be assured that if this movie goes famous Disney will probably include a ride or something that is themed on this movie and book. If that happens or not can only be told by booking a VIP Tour to Disneyland Orlando. Without going there and checking it out firsthand how will you be able to know the truth, so plan a vacation to Disneyland today and stay curious till then.

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