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A trip to Disney World is always so exciting! But with so much to see and do it can feel overwhelming trying to fit everything in. These pro tips and tricks will help you maximize the magic during your visit

and get the most bang for your buck!

Rope drop the parks to get the most out of your day. Rope drop means getting to the parks for when they open. This seems simple enough but did you know that the official opening time is the time the rides start operating? The parks open 15 to 30 minutes before this! The early bird catches the worm so if you can get to the parks for when the gates open for rope drop you can get the most out of your day!

The Disney World Parks are quietest before noon and you can often get more done in the first few hours than the entire rest of the day.

Using a rope drop strategy can also save you money! If you head straight for the most popular attractions then you can ride them with a shorter queue time and it can save you paying for Genie+ or Individual Lightning Lane Passes.

If you are a solo traveler, or the only person in your party wanting to ride an attraction, take advantage of the single rider queue! This can help cut your wait time down a lot!

You can mobile order your quick service meals in advance. You don’t need to wait until you are hungry or at the restaurant to order. Use the My Disney Experience app to order any time of the day and pre-book your meal for a time you would like to dine. Placing your order in advance can save you a lot of time as ordering on the spot can lead to waits of up to an hour before your food is ready!

Short on time but there are rides that you simply cannot miss? Consider purchasing Individual Lightning Lane Passes for these attractions. To skip the long standby queues for participating rides you can pay per person, per ride to join a much shorter queue. This means you get to ride your can’t miss rides and not waste hours waiting in queues. Genie+ is only really needed in Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. These two parks offer the most amount of rides available with Genie+. Save money by skipping purchasing Genie+ for EPCOT and Animal Kingdom and use this extra cash towards Individual Lightning Lanes Passes or a souvenir!

A great way to save money on table service meals is by dining at all-you-care-to-enjoy and family-style meals. At these locations you pay a set price but can eat as much as you like! It is a great way to fill up and know you are just paying one price!

Be sure to add in rest days! The parks are huge and after spending long days walking around the massive parks you can feel lethargic and your feet can be sore! Great rest day ideas include visiting an outlet mall or cooling off in a water park! If you don’t want to spend a whole day resting you can take a few hours out to relax by your hotel pool or catch a film at the AMC cinema in Disney Springs to give yourself a well earned rest.

When meeting Disney characters mention storylines or characters from their film to help have a fun interaction!

  • Water can cost up to $4 a bottle at Disney World! Save money by ordering a free cup of iced water from the quick service locations.
  • Some of the best restaurants can be found at the Disney World Resorts. Anyone can visit them, you do not need to be a guest staying in the hotel. You can also use Disney’s free transportation to get to them. Use the monorail to visit resorts close to Magic Kingdom, the Skyliner is great for traveling between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios and stops at Caribbean Beach Resort, Riviera Resort, Art of Animation Resort and Pop Century Resort and Disney’s BoardWalk Resorts can be reached by boat or walking from EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.
  • If you have a park hopper ticket you can head into any of the Disney parks after 2pm. You must have checked into the park you have booked your park pass reservation for before park hopping but once you have done that after 2pm you can hop between the parks as much as you like!
  • Now you know some insider tips on how to make the most out of your time at Walt Disney World! Using these small tricks can make a big impact on your experience and help you to have the best Disney VIP Tours ever!

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