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Whether it’s due to an injury or a disability, touring Disneyland in a wheelchair can be a stressful task if you haven’t planned for it. But that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the most magical place on Earth!

Built back in 1955, Disneyland wasn’t especially designed keeping in mind mobility issues. While a lot of attraction queues have been modified to accommodate the differently-abled as well, some remains as it is. So it can be difficult to find a workaround to fully enjoy each attraction.

There are, however, some things you can plan on your own to make your Disney experience as hassle-free as possible.

 Figure Out Parking

Fortunately, Disneyland provides parking space for guests with disabilities throughout the resort. But you’ll have to get a disability parking permit made. There are also vans especially quipped with wheelchair lifts to take guests from Mickey & Friends Parking Structure to Downtown Disney District.

Service Animals

Disneyland welcomes trained service animals to guide you around the park. Just make sure they’re in a harness or on a leash at all times. A lot of attractions are easily accessible to guests and their service animals. Since Cast Members aren’t allowed to handle your service animals, think about taking along a companion for help while you enjoy the ride.

Rides and Attractions

You can visit the Disneyland website to check which attractions require visitors to walk, which ones allow you to remain seated in your chair/vehicle, and which ones require you to be transferred to the attraction.

After you have a list of which rides you’ll conveniently be able to enjoy, think about the waiting line time for those rides. On a really busy day, the waiting time can reach up to two hours, so make sure you’re keeping that in mind.

Disability Access Services

You can be issued a Disability Access Services card from Chamber of Commerce (California Adventure) or City Hall (Disneyland) if you have mobility issues. This will help you get access to alternative entrances for attractions and can make touring the theme park a lot easier for you.

Wheelchair or Scooter Rental

If you need help moving around Disneyland, you can bring your own wheelchair or mobility vehicle with you. Or if you’re not bringing your own conveyance, you can also rent a wheelchair or scooter from the local companies. Rental services are conveniently located outside the entry gate so you don’t have to worry about parking issues.

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