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Busch Gardens Tampa is the roller coaster capital of Central Florida and the country’s most popular theme park. Although it’s known for its extreme thrill rides, it’s also home to thousands of exotic animals that are on the verge of being extinct.

The park is full of amazing attractions and it can be difficult for visitors to decide which ones they should see first.

Here’s our list of top experiences at Busch Gardens Tampa:

Soar Across The Park On The Skyride:

The SkyRide at Busch Gardens Tampa is one of the most relaxing things you can indulge yourself in at the park. The gentle cable car ride provides a bird’s eye view of the entire park. You can see the animals of the African Serengeti from 50-feet up as you glide along above the trees. The popular gondola ride is also a fun and relaxing way to travel between the Congo and Egypt attractions, which are located at the opposite ends of the park.

Riding the Train across the African Serengeti:

The Serengeti Express is the best way to get up-close and experience all the animal sights without having to walk between the exhibits. It’s also one of the most kid-friendly attractions in the park and people of all ages can enjoy the ride. The ride offers stunning views as it stops in Nairobi, Stanleyville, and Congo. You can take in the view of free-roaming herds of zebras, ostriches, antelopes, and giraffes along the peaceful journey through the park.

Experience Thrilling Speeds on the Roller Coasters:

There are 8 thrilling roller coasters at Busch Gardens Tampa including Cheetah Hunt, Montu, Scorpion, and the most popular ride, SheiKra. The rides offer terrifying adrenaline pumping speeds of up to 65-miles per hour with multiple 360-degree loops. SheiKra is an exhilarating 200-foot tall dive machine that takes its passenger straight down a 20-story drop at a scream-inducing 90-degree angle. The ride than hurtles into a breathtaking 145-foot tall Immelmann loop for a thrill of a lifetime!

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