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There is a wide collection of Disney books for Disney lovers. Almost everyone is a fan of Disney, and there is no specific age to be a Disney lover. This article highlights the top Disney books of all time.

1.    Dream it! Do it! My half-century creating Disney’s magic kingdom

Dream it! Do it is written by Marty Sklar. He was known as the head of Walt Disney Imagineering for a long time. He wrote this book in 2013; he was a real Disney imaginer. Many people loved his tale about his career and how he started to work in Walt Disney and later became the president of Walt Disney Imagineering. He proved to be very inspirational for many readers. It is written in a similar way to In Service to the Mouse.

2.    The hidden magic of Walt Disney world

This book is written by Susan Veness. The author tells its readers to look for the hidden treasure. This book mainly focuses on hidden gems and little secrets in a four theme park. This book is perfect for the people who love to search for treasure and believe in magic. The book contains suspense and excitement throughout its pages. There are many tips and hidden secrets between each page. After reading this book, you will want to go to Walt Disney World.

3.    Kingdom Keepers

It is a perfect book for children who love fiction. It was specifically written for dreamers. The author of the book “Ridley Pearson” tells about what happens to the theme park after everyone leaves. It is a bit cheesy book as it tells kids to save the Disney World from Disney villains, but it attracts the attention of the reader, and once you start reading it, it will be hard for you to stop.

4.    Secret stories of Disneyland

Jim Korkis is the author of the book Secret Stories of Disneyland. He loves to write secret stories and is famous for it. This book perfectly describes each theme park at the Disneyland Resort. The writer focuses on the fun facts and few secrets of Disneyland, which attracts the reader and make them wish for a trip to Disneyland. This is worth reading a book which should be next on your list.

5.     The Adventures of Tom Nabbe

This book is included in the incredible top stories of a cast member. This book is based on the real story of the author himself. The author, Tom Nabbe, used to live just down the road to Disneyland. He was a frequent visitor while the construction of park and that’s how he got his first-ever role and played as Tom Sawyer. This is a well-titled book as it tells about the author, that how he got his first role. Tom Nabbe was awarded as Disney legend due to his writings.


Here is the collection of top 5 Disney books. Whether you are a Disney lover, Disney enthusiast, or a collector of Disney books, these will help to bring magic to your life. They are full of information, and they are perfect for reading at home or even at Disneyland.

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