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It’s the happiest place in the world, for sure, but even Disney can be exhausting without food. Planning your meals is essential, especially to avoid any messy meltdowns that might ruin your experience!

So here are 5 of our top dining tips to help you make the most of your meal times at Disney and add to the fun:

1. Make Advance Reservations

It is possible to make Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs) at restaurants in Disney World 180 days before your trip. Popular dining spots like Cinderella’s Royal Table and Chef Mickey’s tend to be fully booked months in advance, so advance dining reservations are especially important.

If you’re visiting during a typically slow season, don’t be fooled into thinking you wouldn’t need to make advance bookings. Disney’s slow seasons aren’t actually slow, and the popular restaurants are always booked. Reservations don’t cost anything, and end up saving plenty of your time and energy which you’d rather spend exploring the happiest place on Earth.

2. Research

A vital part of planning your entire trip to Disney is research, obviously. This applies to your dining plans as well.

With over 400 restaurants to choose from in Disney World Orlando, it can be hard to pick which ones you’d like to eat at!

Check out reviews of restaurants. Read through experiences of other Disney visitors and get as much information as you can. This will help you plan your meals according to your preferences and budgets. Make special note of any fussy eaters, allergies and food intolerances among your family members to be able to cater to their needs and avoid any messy situations from ruining your dining experience.

3. Be smart about scheduling your meals                                            

Most people tend to eat at peak hours—breakfast at 8AM, lunch at 12PM and dinner at 6PM. Try to avoid these times by just an hour or two, and you’ll be able to enjoy your meals much more peacefully. There are lower chances of people glaring at you, waiting for you to finish your meals so they’d be accommodated. Meal time is essential at Disney, so you can refuel yourself to enjoy the experience, and this way you’d be able to eat without feeling rushed.

4. Available Discounts and Packages

Tables in Wonderland is a popular dining scheme for Disney World Annual Passholders and residents of Florida. Disney Dining Packages are also available with which you can book and pay for your meals well in advance of your trip, to keep you better prepared.

Also, you can step out of Disney World and explore the dining options around the Disney parks and resorts to find some fantastic deals you could avail.

5. Schedule your Meals with Special Happenings around the Park

Disney World posts their park hours and events well in advance, so make sure you look those up, see which ones you and your family would be interested in. This way, you can book your dining closest to where you would be at a particular time, and perhaps there’s a firework show you can enjoy from one particular restaurant, or a parade that is to pass through another dining area. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on that!

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