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Orlando is a wonderful city to visit. Whether you’re in town to visit family, visit Disney World, or take a private VIP tour of the city, one thing’s for sure: you can’t leave without trying all the incredible food the city has to offer.

Our Top Picks

As experts and guides who know the city of Orlando inside out, we know the best places to eat and get the best bang for your buck. Our selection includes both high-end and mid to low range places where you can find local specialties, gourmet food and everything in between.

Chef Eddie’s

This place is a popular local space. It’s kept the tradition of soul food kitchens alive with its homely and unmatchable taste. Try their jalapeno muffins, mashed potatoes and indulge in arguably the best comfort food you could get your hands on.

Lee and Ricks Oyster Bar

For any seafood lover, this is one of the best places to try. From giant oysters to mouthwatering seafood options to try from, this restaurant is where you want to go at the end of a long day because it will get messy.


The most appropriately named place on this list, this gourmet, hotel-style restaurant serves the best, freshest foods you could ever eat. The Mediterranean menu is made of vegetables, herbs and foods that are organic and freshly picked from the onsite garden. Be prepared to spend on a night you’ll never forget. Dress up and dine out for the complete experience.

Santiago’s Bodega

If you want to enjoy the Orlando summer, this open air patio restaurant is where you should be. They offer Spanish cuisine in an intimate, ornate setting, full of artwork, warmth and the most beautiful looking food. The entire ambiance is homely, artistic and downright beautiful.

Disney World

We admit to a certain bias when it comes to Disney World—but let’s be fair, you’ll experience gastronomic delights of epic proportions here. From Mickey pretzels, to dole whip soft serve, chocolate cupcakes and slushies, there’s ample variety when it comes to the food at Disney.

When you’re on your Disney World private tour with us, you can eat to your heart’s content because you’ll be saving so much time by having to wait less in line.

Apart from snacks and street food in Disney, you can also enjoy one of the many restaurants and bars they have on site.

To visit Orlando and take a tour or the city, and/or to book a Disney tour, give us a call at (407) 868-0857.

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