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Spring Break crowds at Walt Disney World are intense. Behind Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it is one of the busiest times of the year in the parks, starting in early March and running through Easter (date varies year to year). 

Keep in mind that park reservations are still required if you are planning a park visit, and with crowd levels at an all-time high during Spring Break, there is a high chance that park reservations may sell out. As soon as you plan your dates, be sure to purchase your park tickets and book your park reservations to ensure you have them secured. 

If you are planning a trip, here are our top 5 tips for handling the Spring Break crowds:

  1. Arrive Early to the Theme Parks

This is a great tip in general and always suggested when visiting Walt Disney World. It’s always a great idea to get a jump start on the day, especially if you are visiting during Spring Break. Arrive 45 minutes to an hour ahead of the scheduled opening time. Disney typically starts to let Guests into the park earlier, so the sooner you arrive at the park, the better. 

Be sure to hit the most popular rides first. If you are using Genie+ or Lightning Lane a la carte purchases to ride the attractions, you can start scheduling your return times through the app. But if you choose to ride standby, definitely get the big rides out of the way in the first hour or two of the day. As crowds build throughout the day, so will the lines. You’ll be grateful you got up an extra hour early and hit the parks. 

If you rent a car (or have your own), arriving early also gets you a closer parking spot to the entrance of the park. Parking lots fill up fast. Luckily the trams are operating again, so that is helpful to get you from your car to the front gates. 

  • Rent a Car

With the end of Disney’s Magical Express, Guests are left to determine how they are going to transport themselves from Orlando International Airport to their Walt Disney World Resort hotel. There are a few options (coach transfers, uber, etc.), but renting a car is most recommended during Spring Break. 

Having a car allows you the flexibility to get around the resort without issue. As you can imagine, crowds are enormous during Spring Break, and Disney transportation is busy! The wait times are long and it could take a while to get from one location to another. Having a car saves you so much time. 

If you do drive yourself to the parks, know that parking booths don’t open until about an hour before the parks are scheduled to open.

  • Avoid Dining During Prime Time

Unless you have Advanced Reservations planned, plan on eating during “off-peak” times. Anytime before 11 am or after 2 pm for lunch and before 4 pm and after 7 pm for dinner is ideal if you are trying to avoid the crowds. The restaurants can be just as crowded as the attractions. 

Take advantage of Mobile Ordering, available on the My Disney Experience app. Almost every Quick Service location across the parks and hotels has mobile ordering ability. This works great, but you will also have to plan ahead a bit especially during extremely busy times. Pick-up windows book up quickly, so order early and schedule the time of your ideal pick-up time. 

  • Take a Break from the Parks

When the crowds are intense and the sun is hot, it’s time for a break! Take time midday and head back to your hotel for a swim or a nap! You’ll feel refreshed and ready to head back to the parks for nighttime entertainment.

  • Pack Your Patience

A day at the park can get overwhelming. Especially during super crowded times like Spring Break. When you feel you are getting anxious or losing patience, take a deep breath and maybe take a break. Grab a drink and a snack and find a spot away from the crowds. Take a minute to bounce back from any meltdowns or just anxiety… either your or your kids! Be sure to reach out to Orlando VIP Tours prior to your trip to discuss all your options to maximize your time in the park.

Bonus Tip: Be Flexible with Plans

A Walt Disney World vacation doesn’t always go according to plan. There are so many variables that could derail your day… weather, ride breakdowns, someone in your party getting sick. All these things can upset your plans. Realize that sometimes the most fun comes when there isn’t a plan. Be flexible and have fun. You are on vacation, it’s a time to take it easy and chill. It’s all about who you are with that matters, that is where the memories are made.

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