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Taking a child to Disney World is most certainly an experience they will never forget. Especially if it’s a first-time occasion. Often, bringing little ones to Disney could involve the first flight or drive out of state for them.


Disney World for little ones is an adventure that remains a defining moment in one’s childhood, and as a parent, you would want to make it as magical a time as ever. You take vacation time for this, sometimes even taking your children out of school to make it all the more worthwhile.

To ensure the best experience for bringing your little ones to Disney, here are the Top 5 tips to follow.


Plan Ahead For Bringing Little Ones to Disney

You have to see their Disney World trip through the eyes of their fanhood. Remember that seeing Disney World through the eyes of a child is a different experience than your own. Make sure to know what your kids enjoy the most. What are their favorite movies? What songs do they sing most? Which characters have they dressed up as? Disney World suspends disbelief and can make the experience so real for the children, they’ll believe they are traveling through their favorite films, shows, and cartoons. Make your children feel as if they are living it all.


Make Time for Mickey and Friends

If you know your child’s favorite Disney character, plan for finding where they will be. With a little research, you can find where your little one’s favorite characters are and meet them. Be aware some characters may have longer waits, such as Mickey Mouse. It’s also possible to make dining reservations with your favorite characters. You can find these options here.  We also can help you with your dining reservations.

Hire a Private Disney Tour

One of the best plans of action you can take it to hire a Private VIP Disney World tour to bring the best of the park to you. With a private tour, you will never have to worry about:

  • Transportation or Parking- they take you to and from the park
  • Waiting in Lines- they provide fast access to all rides and attractions
  • Getting Lost- the guides are knowledgeable in all things Disney, some with experience working in the park
  • Finding the Best Places- you can tailor your experience toward getting the most of what you want including more rides and best attractions
  • Being stressed about dining options and reservations.


Five Star Private VIP Tours specializes in providing the best possible Disney experience for families with young children. If there is something you want to see at Disney World, we will get you there with less stress, no lines, and an experience like no other. Our tours are made from the expertise that comes from experienced former Disney employees who know the ins and outs of all parks. Count on us to bring you and your little ones an unforgettable fun-filled adventure. For more information on the benefits of a Private VIP Disney Tour for your little ones, contact us today.


Get a Disney Photopass

Throughout the parks, various photographers will take free pictures of you. They will take free photos of you with your camera if you would like them to as well. The best plan of action is to get a PhotoPass card. They are free, with the pictures available for purchase later on. You can learn more about PhotoPass here.

Get a Special Disney Button

If it’s a special occasion for attending Disney World, you can have a button pinned to your shirt to let all the other guests and cast members know. There are usually buttons to indicate whether it’s someone’s first time visiting or their birthday. Make sure you get a button for their birthday. Everyone working in the park will go out of their way to wish you the best.


By following these tips, you can ensure a stress-free, exciting adventure for bringing little ones to Disney. To make it even more enjoyable, we recommend taking a private VIP tour to truly enjoy the magnificence with no hassle in terms of transportation, parking, or waiting in lines. Make sure you capitalize on this opportunity because your children will only be young once.


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