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Traveling with your favorite people can be incredibly exciting. It could be your friends, family or both—BFF trip with your kids, anyone? However, as exciting as the prospect is, it can be incredibly daunting as well. Planning for, organizing and mobilizing an entire horde of individuals can be draining for even the most strong-willed of us.

If you want to make the most of your trip, whether you’re touring L.A. or Disneyland, exploring Busch Gardens or Disney World, the best thing to do is to plan and coordinate beforehand. You can speak to us about planning and customizing a tour to any of these places—and many more—so a major part of the work is off your plate.

The rest really depends on you, but if you truly want to relax and travel with a big group, you should follow some of the advice below:

1) Always plan ahead.

This one’s a given for any trip unless you’re young, alone, have time to kill and a world to explore. Things change drastically if you’re planning to do something with your kids and your mom and your dad and your sister and her kids and your brother and wow the list is overwhelming already! So just breathe, relax, and figure out where you want to go, how you want to get there and where you’ll stay. We can help you from there on.

2) Leave room.

Make this your mantra when planning and executing. Leave room for everything; for excess spending outside your budget; for emergencies; for time to reach your flight or train or bus; for disagreements because you’ll never reach any decision unanimously; for breathing because you need to step away from even the loves of your life (including your kids).

3) Don’t lose sight.

Don’t lose sight of what’s important. You’re taking a trip together to spend some quality time and bond with each other. It’s easy to get caught up in running around and maximizing the experience, but if you don’t get to really be with the people you love, what’s the point? A Disney tour is amazing, but a Disney tour where your kids feel like the real princesses and heroes is even better.

4) Make time.

No matter how busy things get, how tired you are from walking around all day, make time. Hang out over dinner, by the pool, in the balcony after wrestling the kids to bed, but make time. No matter who you go with, even if it’s people you’ve known your whole life, just make time to be with each other and live in the moment.

Life is hectic but your vacation doesn’t have to be. We’ll worry about the itinerary while you just need to show up and have fun with your loved ones. Your happiness is our business!

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