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Every parent knows how hard it can be to keep kids happy while maintaining your sanity! And this difficulty can multiply tenfold when the kids are obviously excited and uncontainable—like when going on a vacation!

Traveling is already stressful as it is, but combining it with the fear of forgetting something while you’re packing can make things more difficult than they have to be!

Read on to find out some of the most helpful packing hacks to keep in mind when travelling with children:

Make a List Beforehand

Make a list of things to pack as early as a month before you need to head out and stick it to your refrigerator door with a strong magnet. The earlier you make one the more time you have to add everything you might need, as you remember it!

Planning beforehand also allows you to pack thoughtfully and remove stuff that you don’t really need for the trip. Excessive baggage can be a hassle to carry around!

Ziploc it!

A few days before the trip, make sets of everything your child might need with a particular pair of clothes (think socks, underwear, shirts) and seal them in a transparent Ziploc bag for easy access. Trust us, this hack will be a lifesaver when you’re short on time and need to get the kids ready in record time!

Snacks at the ready

Especially if you’re headed on a road trip, your children are going to get hungry. And hungry kids equal cranky kids; that’s never something you want!

Make sure your children have enough to eat at pit stops by preparing and packing healthy snacks for them to munch on during the journey. Disneyland VIP Tours


Prepare for Cold Weather

Even if the weather forecast says it will be hot out the entire day, children usually have a lower tolerance for rapid shifts in temperature and can easily fall sick. Having a sweatshirt at the ready for those chilly evenings out during your vacation is always a good idea!

Pack light

Children can get messy, we get it. But with no access to a washing machine and limited space in your suitcases, there are only so many changes of clothes you can pack!

The best amount of clothes to pack is: one outfit for each day of the trip along with two spares in case of major messes.

Skip out on the toiletries

A shampoo, conditioner and a tube of nappy rash if your baby is prone to diaper rash is all you need for a short trip. Don’t waste time—and precious suitcase space—packing in extra toiletries that you’re likely to skip using in the travel hurry anyway.

Don’t forget the blankie!

Children, when spending time away from home for longer amounts of time can get antsy, and having a favorite comfort item at the ready can do wonders to calm your homesick child down!

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