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Father’s Day was a few days ago but that doesn’t mean you can’t show some appreciation for your dad anymore. Our parents do so much for us our entire lives, and even if it’s part of their duties as people who have children, there’s no denying that a lot of parents deserve some form of affection, love and maybe a treat or two in return.

A small gesture or spending the day with your mom or dad is sometimes rewarding enough for their selflessness and dedication to your wellbeing; sometimes though, a grand gesture is a nice change.

We’d recommend booking a VIP Disney tour with us and coming up with a father-child bucket list that our expert guides will help you check off. We know the parks inside out and can help you plan out your whole itinerary so you deal with minimal waiting times and queues.

Some amazing things to do with your dad at Disney World are:

Guided Africa Trek

Fortunately, the Animal Kingdom at Disney World is massive and there’s a lot of cool stuff you can do there when you take a tour with us, you’ll know what we mean. The trek makes you feel like you’re on a safari—just in the middle of Orlando. You’ll get to see all the animals you’ve grown up watching on your screen and not bore your dad either.

Go Fish!

No, not the card game—we mean you can go fishing together. Sit back, enjoy the summer breeze on Bay Lake and enjoy spending time with each other, and if fishing is not your thing, you can always do something you enjoy afterward; remember, this is about your dad too, not just you.

ESPN Wide World of Sports

Since dads tend to be big on sports, this is the perfect place to hang out at—you can even stay close to the resort and catch some incredible games and sporting events taking place there. Who knows, maybe he’ll see his favorite quarterback there, and wouldn’t that be a treat?

Buy him a present

When you’re done with your Disney tour, you’re going to want to stop and shop for some memorabilia to look back at with fondness. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy, but you can treat your dad to one of eighty varieties of cigars available at Sosa Family Cigars.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to touring around Disney World, which is not meant for kids alone. There’s plenty to do together and with our tours, your dad won’t tire out too much and have a great time!

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