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Everyone should take a trip to Disney at least once in their life. It’s truly a magical place that is full of fun and adventure. Whether you’ve been before or not, these are all things you should know before your next Disney trip.

Disney Is Not A One Day Trip

There are four parks in Disney World – Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot. Each park could take a full day to completely explore.


Magic Kingdom is the true essence of everything Disney. This is one park you definitely can’t miss! If you love animals and are dying to experience the new Pandora feature, then the Animal Kingdom is another park you should consider visiting. Hollywood Studios – the golden era of Hollywood and everything glamorous. Not to mention, the new Toy Story Land is expected to open June 30th, 2018. Epcot transports you to countries all over the world, present, and future.

There is an abundance of rides, attractions, and shows to see in Disney. When planning your trip, allow yourself time to take it all in! Our tour guides are all previous Disney Cast Members and know exactly how to make the most out of the Disney Parks.

Seasonal Trips


5 Things to Know Before Your Next Disney Trip Title Image 1 624x328 - 5 Things to Know Before Your Next Disney TripConsider the season when booking your next Disney trip. Summer, Halloween, and Christmas are all times when the parks will be overflowing with people. Disney during the holidays is special but the lines will be longer and the parks more crowded. The best time to visit Disney is during the beginning of the school year on weekdays. So pull the kiddos out of school and make an exciting trip to the most magical place in the world.



Expect Lines

Lines are inevitable in Disney. Even when booking during the best times, there are bound to be lines. It’s difficult to be patient and enjoy your trip, especially for the little ones, when you’re standing in lines the majority of the time. Five Star gives you the privilege of avoiding all lines. That’s right – all of the lines, even during the Holidays!

Prepare For Walking


Hollywood Walk of Fame VIP Tours - 5 Things to Know Before Your Next Disney TripMost people walk six to eight miles a day when they’re at Disney. It sounds like a lot to take on, and it is! Some people will actually train for their trip by walking daily before their Disney arrival. Make sure you rest before and during your trip. Hydrating is just as important. Indulge in all of the wonderful sweets and drinks at Disney, but take your water intake seriously.

Plan Ahead for Expenses


Plan Ahead for Expenses - 5 Things to Know Before Your Next Disney TripYour little girl will be begging you for the princess costume and your son will want the new lightsaber. Most parents don’t want to say no to their children, so be prepared to visit a few Disney stores. Also, make your experience more convenient, by packing snacks and lunches. Disney allows small coolers and big backpacks, so make sure to take full advantage of this option.

Disney World is the place where dreams come true and you don’t want to miss one inch of its 1,100 acres. To make the most of your magical experience contact us for a Disney VIP Tour.

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