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Orlando is rightly known for the largest and most entertaining theme parks in the world. While there’s no lack of fun in Universal Studios or Disney World, the City Beautiful is prosperous in local cultural and art districts. Whether you’re looking for something hip to do or a place to relax and enjoy a good book, Orlando’s districts have it.


Read on for more on Orlando’s most popular districts:

Milk District

Dating back to the 1950s, Milk District, Orlando, is known for the T.G Lee Milk headquarters located right in the center. The popular area is widely known for its bountiful nightlife, restaurants, and shopping.

For the perfect morning kick-off, head to the Juice Bar for a fresh squeeze and vegan chia muffin. Once you’re energized, head over to the Crossfit Milk District located a few doors down, and experience the best workout of your life.

One of the most unique aspects of the Milk District is Festival Park. The community garden allows residents to plant their own gardens and take home their own produce.

For all you foodies out there, stick around for Tasty Tuesdays, the coveted food truck event that takes place every week! A plethora of food trucks gathers around for the perfect date night options. Indulge in different foods from the most popular restaurants in the Milk District, while sipping on your favorite frosted beer.

College Park District

Derived from the names of streets, like Princeton and Yale, College Park is a local urban living destination. The bungalow-style homes and antique shops galore, give off the perfect vintage vibe. With lakes, parks, and top-of-the-line local cafes, College Park District is an ideal place to call home.

If antiquing is more than just a hobby for you, College Park is your perfect vacation spot. The community has a plethora of antique and resale furniture stores that will surely please your old soul.

Audubon Park Garden District

Food connoisseurs, listen up!

Audubon Park Garden District is the main spot for local farm-to-table restaurants and organic greengrocers and bakeries. In 2007, the now popular district, became the home to Orlando’s first local-only farmers market. Organic, local food production is the heart of Audubon Park Garden.

The most fascinating part of it all, Compost Orlando. The bicycle-powered compost service cycles local food scrap back into urban farms, providing for our local farmers and saving the environment one pedal at a time.

The goal? Become an EcoDistrict – a community that is resourceful, mindful of energy, waste, water, and the welfare of its residents.

Thornton Park District

Thornton Park’s brick-lined streets bring a stylish and European vibe to the hustle and bustle of Orlando. The community is known for being the downtown spot for grownups, and those looking for a vivacious atmosphere.

With local events going on every week, the community is hip and happening at all times. Whether you’re into miniature golf and pub hopping or disco brunch at the truck stop, Thornton Park has it all.

Ivanhoe Village District

Located on the outskirts of Lake Ivanhoe, this indie district is the perfect hub for restaurants, live entertainment, and outdoor adventures. Rent paddle boards with your significant others and spend the day in the all-year-round summer sun. Looking for some eclectic entertainment? Check out The Venue for classic burlesque shows or visit the Orlando Museum of Art for a plunge into international culture.

Mills 50 District

Mills 50 is the creativity and graffiti art landmark of Orlando. The community is made up of passionate and empowered individuals who believe in creating high-quality communities and stronger relationships. Mills 50 is home to diverse cultural restaurants, from Asian to Italian, your taste buds will be dancing! Check out Pho 88 for the best steaming bowl of pho you’ve ever had and Anthony’s Pizza for true Italian crust.

That wraps up Orlando’s most popular local districts! The growing city has more to offer than just theme parks and kid entertainment. Book a private VIP tour of the city of Orlando and discover all that the City Beautiful has to offer.

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