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All eyes are on the Walt Disney World 2021 for the 50 anniversary of the while the Disneyland Paris will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. Are you looking to have the best experience on your Disneyland tour in Orlando, do not worry; we got you covered as we will ensure that you have an intriguing experience.

Travel to Orlando

Orlando is the world’s largest theme park pub that will give your families end fun. When you tour Orlando, you will be able to visit Disney World, Universal Studios, and the Islands of the adventure, Seaworld. The Kennedy Space Centre can just make a tour to Clearwater or Miami from Orlando.

A tour to the Kennedy space center from the Orlando

You will experience an exciting road trip tour via the KSC complex, a maximum access badge to the KSC, and enjoy a visit to the Astronaut Hall of Fame. This tour will see you visit the incredible Space Centre, and you will also be admitted to the Center and the Hall of Fame.

The astronaut is readily available to greet the visitors on their arrival and even have a Shuttle Launch Experience, a space simulator that will give you the taste of what it feels when the astronaut lifts off. There is also the IMAX presence, where you will enjoy your favorite movies in a 3D look.

We also have the Space Shuttle Atlantis that will bring you close to the priceless Atlantis Spacecraft and as the sole astronaut that has seen it before. We have 60 and above interactive experiences that have high-end simulators that invite guests to enjoy the world’s passions.

We also have an Orlando theme park where you can visit Orlando Beach and have full enjoyment of the main attraction found in Orlando.

Covid 19 Effects

Despite the Disney world parks opening, there have been restrictions and capacity limits as a result as we have the Disneyland parks that have not resumed their operations. There has also been a limit on the number of people entering the Orlando theme park. The area governor has been strict on the business reopenings and operations, not excluding the attractions, which depends on the COVID 19 transmission rates.

How Covid Rules are adhered to in the Orlando Disney world

Covid 19 pandemic has proven to be a very severe disease that can spread faster and kill instantly. Visitors are assured of ethical guiding principles and health. They include:

Proper cleaning

Proper cleaning procedures are strictly adhered to. Much attention has been directed to the traffic areas such as the benches, tables, restrooms, parking, and many more.

Physical distancing

Temporary measures have been set aside to ensure the social distancing is adhered to. They include:

  • Signage and ground markings
  • Physical barriers
  • Parking
  • Training
  • Reduction of contact

There are set up experiences that have been created to reduce contacts between people. They include:

Cashless transactions

Visitors have been recommended to use other cashless payment methods such as debit cards or contactless payment methods such as mobile wallets and many more.

Modified housekeeping

The majority of the hotels have developed modified housekeeping to enhance cleaning and reduced contact.

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