Walt Disney Concert Hall
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The Walt Disney Concert Hall is located in downtown Los Angeles. It belongs to the Los Angeles Music Center. In fact, the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center is the Walt Disney Concert Hall. This hall was opened back in the year 2003. Since then, it has been able to maintain a strong reputation by creating an ideal atmosphere for numerous outstanding events.

You can call Walt Disney Concert Hall as the home to the Los Angeles Master Chorale and Philharmonic Orchestra. As you walk into the concert hall, you will figure out that it is somewhat unique when compared to the other concert halls. The most prominent difference would be the vineyard styled seating arrangement that you can see in here. On the other hand, it is constructed according to a classical shoebox design as well. You will get the opportunity to sit in all four sides of the stage based on your preferences.

What Can You Witness At The Walt Disney Concert Hall?

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is a unique architectural masterpiece. You can also call it as an icon in Los Angeles and a modern marvel. Among the most acoustically sophisticated concert halls that you can find in Los Angeles, Walt Disney Concert Hall is holding a prominent place. In fact, it is delivering aural and visual intimacy for the guests. Hence, you will be able to secure getting a perfect musical experience at this concert hall.

The Ira Gershwin Gallery

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is linked along with the Ira Gershwin Gallery. You will be able to witness the gallery as you walk into the concert hall. The gallery was constructed by Hodgetts and Fung Design Associates. You will need to get to the second floor of the concert hall to get to the gallery. You can find a large number of exhibits, which are related to music and Disney theme here at the gallery.

It is important to note that exhibits in this gallery are being rotated every single year. Hence, you can think about visiting there regularly to get a new experience. You don’t need to purchase an extra pass to explore the gallery. You can do it with the ticket that you buy to explore the Walt Disney Concert Hall. You may even think about visiting the gallery after or before the performances.

Getting To The Walt Disney Concert Hall

You will need to access Walt Disney Concert Hall from the Hope Street. Hope Street is providing access to all the theatres that you can find within the Music Center. You will just need to follow the directional signage and get to the entrance of the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

You can join Orlando VIP tours and get access to the Walt Disney Concert Hall as well. This is a great method available to explore the Disney attractions without spending a fortune. You will be able to visit some of the most prominent Disney attractions including the Walt Disney Concert Hall as a part of the tour.

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