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NEW! Not-So-Spooky Spectacular Dessert Party

Disney announced an all-new dessert party add-on that is happening during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP). Yup, you read that right!! It’s a party within a party! If you are interested be sure to grab your tickets!

This is completely optional, and not required one bit to enjoy MNSSHP. Remember, you are already paying a significant amount for your party ticket. This would be an extra expense for the evening. Is it necessary? That depends. While the dessert party is only about an hour’s worth of time, there is already so much to do during the Halloween Party, I think you’ll find there just isn’t enough time to get it all in. Between the stage show, parade, fireworks, dance parties, meet & greets, and trick-or-treating, you’ll be wishing for more time. Now, if you are a repeat Guest or perhaps a local, this might be something new and fun you want to tag onto your evening activities, otherwise if a first timer I would just enjoy MNSSHP and do the dessert party another time.

Here are some dessert party details:

  • Location: Dessert party held at Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant at Magic Kingdom park; with fireworks viewing from a seating area on the restaurant’s terrace
  • Time: Check-in at the entrance to Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant one hour before the fireworks begin; view the park calendar for show times
  • Price: $115 (including tax and gratuity) for Guests ages 10 and older; $69 (including tax and gratuity) for Guests ages 3 to 9

Genie + Park Hopping Lightning Lane Updates

Disney has announced yet another update to how we plan our days at the parks using Genie +, especially if you are park hopping. Remember, you currently cannot hop to another park until after 2 pm.

So, here’s the change: You can no longer book a Lightning Lane (LL) for a park you’re hopping to until the posted LL distribution time for that attraction is after 2 pm. 

Previously, when booking an afternoon LL for the park you planned to hop to, you used to be able to book even if the distribution time was before 2 pm. The system would automatically default to a 2 pm return time and your 120-minute window to book your next LL would begin. For example, your starting park is Magic Kingdom, but if you want to book an LL for Rise of the Resistance in Hollywood Studios for when you hop over, the next available is 12:30 pm. You used to be able to select that time and the system would default you to a 2 pm return time. Now, you need to wait until the available distribution time is 2 pm or later before you can even book it. 

Ultimately, this may or may not impact your planning for the day. But, keep this in mind next time you are in the parks! Hire the best Disney VIP Concierge to ensure your Disney Vacation goes to plan.

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