Disney Pop Century Resort
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If you want to enjoy the Disney World VIP tours in all their glory, then it’s a good idea to accommodate at the Disney’s Pop Century Resort. This resort is found in the Lake Buena Vista Florida. It was opened in 2003 and it’s actually the fourth value priced resort in the entire complex. It’s near the All Star Sports, All Star Music and the All Star Movies resorts that were opened in the 90s.

This particular resort has a 20th century American pop culture theme. The resort itself features 2880 rooms and these are split into 10 different buildings. You will also have access to 3 different pool areas and a central building. This one is named the Classic Hall, and that’s where you will find the front desk, food court, arcade, gift shop and all the other amenities.


An exciting way to travel through time with themes accommodation

One of the top advantages of Disney VIP tours is that you get to see and experience things you rarely get to see anywhere else. Every area in the Disney’s Pop Century Resort is themed with a certain decade in mind, and thus they have large items related to that decade.

For the 50s they have the bowling pin staircases, transistor radio, bowling pin pool, jukebox, 45 rpm records and the Lady and the Tramp statue. And then for the 60s you have yoyo staircases, Goofy Statue, peace symbol, Baloo with Mowgli, hippie flowers and so on.

Then there’s the 70s themed location with the 8-track tape staircases, disco dancing, twister play areas, Mickey Phone, Big Wheel, Foosball and so on. For the 80s theme they went with the Rubik cube staircase and the Roger Rabbit Statue, not to mention Computer Pool, Pac Man and Michael Jackson. There’s even a huge Walkman in there.

And finally you have the 90s section with rollerblades, hip hop dance, a computer keyboard, floppy disks, giant laptop and the obvious cell phone staircases. Disney’s Pop Century Resort does an amazing job of letting you go through the memory lane and experiencing all these amazing things in a masterful and downright unique manner. They are something you rarely get to see and experience, which is why you do need to give them a shot.


Enroll into the Disney World VIP tours and check the Disney’s Pop Century Resort

One of the top advantages of Disney’s Pop Century Resort is that it’s something special you just can’t see anywhere in the world. It’s a tribute to the past few decades while also combining it with important Disney characters and events from that era. Getting into the Disney VIP tours is an amazing experience and you will be able to experience and enjoy all of that in some cool ways. Just consider checking this out and giving it a try if possible.

Visiting Disney’s Pop Century Resort is a dream come true for the entire family, and you will certainly love every moment of it. Just check it out and give it a try, it’s one of the most inspiring and breathtaking accommodation options out there!

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